Growing ‘Shrooms

Not that kind!… 😉

You know the saying that the best time to plant a tree was five years ago? Well, it seems to be that mushrooms are the same way.

These are the dowel rod plugs with mushroom mycelium, a variety of oyster mushrooms I believe. There was an information sheet laying around here but now I can’t find it, so what is still left in my memory from what Chris told me will have to do.

Chris cut down a couple of smaller trees that were underneath our powerline running to our house. As they were oak wood it worked out perfectly that this was what we needed to start a mushroom log.


Chris drilled the holes in the logs last night and installed the plugs.


He then sealed it with beeswax to keep the spores of other mushrooms from sprouting within those plugs.


And the hardest part will be the waiting. It can take six months to a year for the mushrooms to form their fruiting bodies, the part that we (in this case I) eat. We have another variety on its way in the mail, hopefully this deep freeze won’t kill the plugs in the mail!

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