Grey Days

It’s coming into the time of year here in Texas where the days become shorter and about half of them are cloudy and the other half sunny. It might switch to more like 60% cloudy by December, but you get the idea. More frustrating is the lack of daylight at the end of the day and it will just get worse next weekend when the clocks get switched back.

I tried to walk around the garden tonight to find what was blooming and there were several plants blooming, though I quickly ran out of light and had to up my ISO on the camera.

The carpenter bees must be feeling the time change as they are sluggish to move. In fact, I’ve thought they may have been dead as they clung to the flowers around the garden, but getting up close and gently blowing on them resulted in them telling me they were alive, just lazy.

Right now I’m behind on getting kale and chard in the ground. October whizzed by. It felt as if I had many weeks in this month but now there’s none left.




Even though there are still outside chores, I’m looking forward to spending time indoors in the evenings for awhile.

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