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Awhile back I became obsessed with finding good podcasts. Part of those were gardening/farming/simple living podcasts that piqued my interest enough to stick around for long term listening or to thumb through their archives. Some I’ll post don’t update often or haven’t updated in awhile but still have good content. I’m leaving out some garden/landscape expert podcasts that are call-in talk-show related. Some of them can be interesting but I find that more often or not the callers call in the with the same question about how to kill a weed in their grass or how to trim their crape myrtle. I’m going beyond beginner gardening here. If you have a gardening related podcast that I missed out on please feel free to comment and let us all know what our ears should be tuned in to!

  • Cultivate Simple: This podcast is what got me started on listening to podcasts in general. Susy and Brian recently moved from Ohio to Maine and now own a good chunk of acreage that they will farm/garden/homestead on, though they aren’t full-time farmers/gardeners/homesteaders and have other jobs outside of running their ‘stead. Their podcasts run 1-2 hours at a time, which I personally love because it feels like I’m having coffee with them. Sometimes I want to answer back! Some of their podcasts are recordings of talks given at their local library. I find this incredibly fascinating because I don’t think that happens around my neck of the woods. Definitely worth a listen if you’ve got a block of time to set aside!
  • Ken Druse Real Dirt: This podcast is short, only about 30 minutes, Ken is well known in the horticulture world and has several books under this belt. What I like about his podcast is that he focuses a lot on up and coming horticulturists as well as interviews a wide variety of folks in the gardening world. If you get Organic Gardening magazine, I think two issues ago he wrote an article chronicling several up and coming horticulturalists and plant breeders. Very fascinating!
  • A Way To Garden: Initially I didn’t care for this podcast because I felt it didn’t apply to me much since Margaret Roach gardens in the northeastern US. But as I listened more I realized those episodes are every few weeks when she talks about what to do in the garden for her region and even then you can gleam ideas from them and apply them to your region as it applies to that topic. Aside from that she has great interviews and discussions with other gardeners. She’s the author of several books, and has the New York Times and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia on her resume so she not fooling around with knowing her stuff in the garden.
  • All Things Plants: This one I found by accident while searching itunes one day looking for new podcasts. This is run by Dave Whitinger and his wife. I wasn’t familiar with their names until I did a Google search and it came up with the fact that he is the one who started Dave’s Garden, the well known plant resource website. Well, he sold that and has since parted ways with operating that site and has started All Things Plants. They are located in east Texas, which I love this fact, so a lot of their to-dos are related to my neck of the woods! It was this show that I found out apparently the word clematis is technically pronounced ‘clem-uh-tis’ not ‘cle-mah-tis’. I don’t think most of the world pronounces it this way as I’ve never come across anyone who has said it this way until now. They also say ‘cane-uh’ and not ‘can-uh’ but I think that’s a personal thing there. Aside from all of the pronunciations, I definitely recommend this podcast and wish all of them were at least an hour long. Sometimes they are shorter and I’m always disappointed they weren’t longer.
  • Paul Wheaton’s Permaculture Podcast: I’ve only recently heard about permacultlure and once I found out about it I wanted to know more. The principles are generally the same across the board but it depends on how deep you want to delve into it to apply it to your garden and life. Paul’s podcast is educational for the most part, however he can be very tangent based and I feel like he breaks up the episodes into too many tiny parts sometimes (say, about a book or a review on a person teaching a class). If you don’t know what permaculture is and are interested in it this is a good place to start to pick up some pieces and learn a bit more outside of the podcast.
  • Focus on Food: This podcast I found via Honey Love when they were on discussing beekeeping recently. This is a mix of urban gardening, ecology, and food politics.
  • The Self Sufficent Gardener: This podcast has some useful information though I feel sometimes it can be hit or miss in regards to its applicability to me. It is also in the realm of the whole doomsday prepper podcasts (to which I won’t be linking but there are some good podcasts about gardening/self sufficiency interspersed in those) but not nearly as out there as the other prepper podcasts can be.
  • Chicken Thistle CoopCast: I held off on listening to this one mostly because of the descriptions in the itunes library didn’t really make it seem like I’d be interested. I gave it a try one day and have so far really enjoyed the shows. They recently discussed GMOs and the female half of the duo is a professor in genetics and could offer up a different viewpoint on the GMO debate, more in regards to the demonization of science that can occur when food politics/organic gardening debates happen. I was happy to see someone actually standing up for science a bit in a gardening/farming podcast!
  • Sustainable World Radio- Ecology and Permaculture Podcast: This is one that does not get updated as often but I’ve pilfered through a few of their shows. I really enjoyed the All Good Things Organic Seeds interview…so much that I bought some seeds from them!
  • The Farm Report: This podcast is based off of the Heritage Radio Network out of NYC and is focuses on food politics, sustainability, and local agriculture.
  • Greenhorn Radio: Another Heritage Radio Network show, this one focusing on up-and-coming farmers and movers-and-shakers in the organic/sustainbility world. The host is a little bit unfocused sometimes and the audio quality is a little frustrating but lots of good information otherwise.
  • We Dig Plants: Yes, a third Heritage Radio Network show. This one is currently on hiatus as the hosts are landscape designers who are quite busy during the growing season. Love their interviews!

Most of these podcasts can be found on iTunes or downloaded from the links above. If you’ve got any others that we should take a listen to, please share them!

Happy listening!

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  1. chel wrote:

    Oh- these are good, thank you! I have to avoid some podcasts (especially if they talk about farm animals that end up on the plate) and I’m not interested in the doomsday stuff (my background in fundamental schools as a child gave me more than enough of that for a lifetime!) but the others sound amazing!

    Posted 14 Jun 2013 at 3:21 pm
  2. Long Shelf Life Food wrote:

    I really like what you guys are up too. This sort of clever
    work and exposure! Keep up the wonderful works guys
    I’ve added you guys to my own blogroll.

    Posted 03 Jul 2013 at 3:55 pm

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