garden resolution: more orchids


Serendipity! One of my “garden” resolutions was to invest in more orchids. On Sunday, when we were at Trader Joe’s for some shopping, they had a huge selection of orchids for a good price. So I got two:




I believe they are both “Phalaenopsis” orchids. I’ll be the first to admit I know nothing about orchids besides my experience with the six or so I have, so I looked up “Phalaenopsis” to see what I could learn. (Misti, I know you are probably wincing right now!)

Here’s some info from WikiPedia:

The generic name means “Phalaen[a]-like” and is probably a reference to the genus Phalaena, the name given by Carl Linnaeus to a group of large moths; the flowers of some species supposedly resemble moths in flight. For this reason, the species are sometimes called Moth orchids.

They are native throughout southeast Asia from the Himalayan mountains to the islands of Polillo, Palawan and Zamboanga del Norte in the island of Mindanao in the Philippines and northern Australia. Orchid Island of Taiwan is named after this genus. Little recent information about their habitat and their ecology in nature is available since little field research has been done in the last decades….

Possessing neither pseudobulbs nor rhizome, Phalaenopsis shows a monopodial growth habit: a single growing stem produces one or two alternate, thick, fleshy, elliptical leaves a year from the top while the older, basal leaves drop off at the same rate. If very healthy, a Phalaenopsis plant can have up to ten or more leaves. The inflorescence, either a raceme or panicle, appears from the stem between the leaves. They bloom in their full glory for several weeks. If kept in the home, the flowers may last two to three months.

Some Phalaenopsis species in Malaysia are known to use subtle weather cues to coordinate mass flowering.”

Can I just mention that I would like one of the Malaysian Phalaenopsis that picks up on “subtle weather cues”? Sign me up!

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  1. misti wrote:

    I’m just hoping the one I bought recently hangs in there until spring and it can go outside. I’ve already lost three leaves. Hoping the remaining two keep me happy. I’ll probably put it outside tomorrow to get some air as it’ll be nice tomorrow.

    Have fun! Orchids are a fun adventure. If you ever get down to Miami go to RF Orchids!

    Posted 11 Jan 2013 at 9:32 am
  2. Donna wrote:

    Sooo pretty! I love orchids! My corsage on my wedding day was a very large orchid!

    Posted 16 Jan 2013 at 12:33 pm

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