Garden Frustrations


I started writing this and realized quickly this was going to turn into a whining post, a woe-is-me-the-garden-has-caught-up-with-me treatise. Writing it in paragraphs was going to do me in so a list will suffice.

So, here it is.

+The okra is shading the eggplant, gotta move it.

+Something is messed up with the soil in the melon and bean bed, causing the leaves to curl up or be deformed on both. Melons are also getting too much water.

+Corn isn’t filling out as much as I wanted it to.

+Bleeping cowpeas that I thought were bushing and are actually vining want to crawl all over the place. Need to get something for it to climb up before I get too frustrated with them.

+Squash vine borers wiped out two zucchini and one if not two spaghetti squash plants. The spaghetti squash are starting to do well, climbing up the fence, would like them to continue succeeding. Bleeping squash vine borers!

+The deer keep nibbling on the beans climbing up the fence. Bleeping deer.

+The tomatoes…gahhhhh, I want some of you to make it through until fall but a few of you are going to be chopped down this week and replaced with what I think is a brilliant idea from Curtis—putting in determinate plants in late July for an all-at-once harvest in October for canning and spaghetti sauce. Need to see if local nurseries have any good stock coming in for fall plants this weekend.

+Bleeping Bermuda grass that keeps finding its way into the flower garden.

+Was sad to have to trim back one of the tithonia but the Texas mountain laurel was being shaded out too much.

+Trimmed a branch of the poke weed ‘tree’ that was hanging over our fence (originates in the neighbors yard) after it was putting too much shade on the zinnias in that area causing them to lean heavily looking for a light source. Was liking the poke weed tree but it needed to go a bit.

+Gonna have to trim along the fenceline again this week, getting rid of weeds and other vines that don’t belong.

+A few plants in the flower bed look a little ragged, not sure if they are running their course or what, but really wish the garden was filled out more.

I’ll stop there…I have a busy week ahead of me.

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  1. chel wrote:

    gah- I so know the feeling. Right now everything is soaking wet and I have given up on trying to repot everything with dry soil to keep it all going. Now it’s just wait and see with all this rain and whether some plants will pull through and it breaks my heart a little. Gardening can be thoroughly emotionally exhausting.

    Posted 15 Jul 2013 at 9:02 am

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