Finally, the herb beds…






We finally began working on the perimeter herb/vine/perennial vegetable beds this weekend. Chris was able to pick up the cedar wood we use for the raised beds on Thursday morning since the store was going to be closed on Good Friday. We began working on the beds on Saturday morning and almost finished getting the frames set up this evening. The hole digging, since I can’t (well, Chris won’t let me) help because I am pregnant, goes a little slower. If I was able to help dig the holes while Chris got some of the other stuff together it might have gone a little faster. Instead, I sat around like a bum waiting for something that I could do to help, which was generally holding wood at the right angle or taut so that Chris could screw the bolts in.

The frame should be finished sometime early this week and then we’ll begin digging out some of the dirt. We’re going to create modified hugelkultur beds here, and instead of mounding up, we’re going to dig down a bit and then add in the limbs and wood pieces we have stockpiled from cutting up trees around the yard. We’ll then add in compost, leaves, and the remaining flower bed dirt (soil, whatever. I find it ridiculous that it is soil on the Earth, and a speck of soil on my hand is supposed to be ‘dirt’…dirt and soil are the same thing and are interchangeable in my opinion) will be put in the beds. THEN we can start planting!! I am hoping, hoping, hoping that we can do the planting sometime next weekend or next week! The last bit of work will be digging a trench out to the garden from the main water hookup on the back of the man-cave in order to run water out there. Until then we’ll be continuing to water by a hose we’ve dragged out there.

Another project started!

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  1. chel wrote:

    I’m so envious of your beds! That’s awesome! You should do another video tour of everything!

    Posted 21 Apr 2014 at 8:24 am

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