Epcot Flower & Garden Festival


On Friday, Tom and I made the drive four hours north to visit Epcot Center at Walt Disney World. My parents were up there with Gracie on vacation, so we decided to drive up for the day and spend time with them.

It was a happy coincidence that the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival happened to be going in its last weekend. I was very excited about it- I’ve always wanted to go but our trips never coincided with the festival.


The park was beautifully decked out on all sorts of flowers and greenery, and they had a ton of topiaries of different characters. They also had a lively butterfly garden with very social butterflies (I’ll share those pics next week- I spent an hour in there, so it was pretty much my favorite festival attraction).


However, I was a little disappointed by the festival offerings. I was expecting education, innovation, a chance to interact, and, at the very least, garden-related vendors. What it really turned out to be was a spring-themed decorated park. Don’t get me wrong- it was beautiful- but besides a talk by David Bromstad from HGTV and a few booths here and there with “garden-themed” food (90% of them selling not-fresh and not-local food) there wasn’t anything extra. I was even prpeared to pay some over-the-top prices for some cool plants, if the opportunity arose, but all they had were bonsais (the same ones as my local garden center) and a stand selling plumeria cuttings for $20-40 dollars *each*. So I did not come home with any garden goodies.

I did take lots of pictures, though:











(And of course we rode Living with the Land, the little boat ride through Epcot’s greenhouses.)





I love everything about that attraction except the fish farms they take us through. That’s not really my thing.

next week: butterfly garden (and flower fairies!)

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