early April in the garden


Just a few photos from around the garden with my new iPhone. It has a completely updated camera on it with all sorts of light sensors and such… I know it’s still just a phone camera, but I think it did a lot better taking photos in BRIGHT sunlight than my other phone did.


The back of the garden. Everything is REALLY growing. It doesn’t *seem* like it now, but when I look at this photo in a few months, I’ll definitely understand the difference Spring makes. It’s not just the weather, because it’s always warm here. It’s just the time of year- things *happen* in Spring, in the garden.


Some basil. We had great luck with it over the summer last year so we’re going for it again.


My Aloha Blend Nasturtiums (from Renee’s Garden) started to bloom and one of them is this amazing peachy-orange color with pink touches on the petals.


At first, I was “oh, another orange one…” but then when I looked closely at the flowers I noticed how unusual they are in coloration and shape. They open up and then sort of droop down a bit, which actually makes them more interesting to me. But the pink coloring on them… something bout it REALLY appeals to me.


My striped geranium began blooming striped petals again. For a while, it was just blooming hot pink petals- no striping. Then I moved it so it got more sun and finally the petals went back to being patterned.


Petunias! I cut them all back severely and expected them to perish (as Nasturtiums do when I cut those back too much) but they came roaring back, even more abundant then they were before. I can this becoming a little obsession, since they bloom beautifully year round, require very little upkeep, and LAST THE SUMMER (big deal in my garden…)


My plumeria bloomed! I didn’t know what color it was going to be. These are BEAUTIFUL- I’m so happy. And they smell SO amazing. Now I’m on a mad hunt for an authentic frangipani perfume to add to my collection of floral perfumes. I started collecting singular plant-based scents (meaning, it’s just the SINGLE smell of the plant, not a combination of smells and chemicals that smell *similar* to or might remind someone of the plant) right after Christmas and it’s become a little bit of a happy hobby for me. Whenever I grow something I love the smell of, I get the perfume to sort of commemorate it. ┬áDemeter (the company I get most of my perfume oil from) has a plumeria, but the reviews are really bad. So the search continues.


Another canna getting ready to bloom- I think this one is going to be yellow.


Finally, some succulent clippings I threw into a bowl last summer. That one on the left often grows over the entire bowl so I have to remember to keep cutting it back so the others have a chance to grow, too.

So, it’s definitely spring here. I’m trying not to focus on the fact that in a matter of weeks, our “winter” will start moving in- summers here in Florida are storm season which means lots of dark, steamy, dreary days and lots of rain. The temperature spikes, as well. It’s just wet, hot, and dark. The garden doesn’t love it, and neither do I, so we’re both enjoying these days of spring as much as possible.

Hope you are enjoying spring, too!

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  1. Misti wrote:

    I can’t believe your petunias last all summer! They typically aren’t made for heat!

    Posted 04 Apr 2014 at 9:39 pm

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