Death of a Sassafras


About two weeks ago we noticed this sassafrass tree wilting. First it was a few leaves and then one day it was completely wilted. Typically an upland tree, we really didn’t think it was a water related issue especially since we’d had 7 inches of rain the week before. I went ahead and gave it a drink anyway as did Chris a few days later. Unfortunately, and we figured as we were doing it, it was a moot thing to do since the tree is toast. The only idea we have for what went wrong is that the moles we have in our yard disturbed the roots. Otherwise we have no clue what happened. It really sucks as there had been a lot of growth since we planted it last year. Then it was about a foot or so tall and as you can see it has grown by leaps and bounds, particularly over this last spring. I was hoping for it to reach the top of the cage by the end of the summer.

In less depressing news, there’s a new gardening podcast to listen to: What’cha Growin’? from Gayla at You Grow Girl. So far I’ve loved every single episode but my favorites have been episodes 2, 4, & 5. Give it a listen!

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