dark and dreary


That is *not* a photo from this week- it’s from November. Beautiful fall.

This week was truly winter. I’m in Florida, so I didn’t experience a lot of the super crazy frigid weather that other people did, but we did have our own “cold snap” and several rainy, cloudy, and dark days to go with it.

Luckily, there wasn’t much damage to the plants themselves, but I lost several eggplants that were growing on the plants. The tomatoes were looking a little rough to begin with (had to cut them WAY back due to whitefly…) and they don’t look any better now. I think I need to just go ahead and cut them way down and see if I can rally them to re-grow for the spring.

I didn’t spend much time in the garden at all this week- just basically watered very quickly one day. I tend the garden before I go swimming every day, and walking around outside in a bathing suit in 45 degree weather getting frigid water from the hose on me as I watered the plants wasn’t really cutting it for me, at least not for more than twenty minutes.

Ironically, I got a bunch of seed catalogs this week. Lots of interesting things, of course. But the longer I garden, the more I realize what is and isn’t possible out there, and so I don’t go crazy ordering seeds anymore. Someday I’d like to have beds on the side of the house, so I can grow a lot more veggies. I’d love to grow carrots, and corn. More tomatoes and eggplants and broccoli. Lettuce and salad veggies, as well. But things are kinda busy here and I have my hands full with my container garden and the little bits of the landscape I have claimed as my own around the house, so one thing at a time.

It’s nice to daydream about it, though. I always say that if I won the lottery, I’d buy one of the houses on either side of us (both are vacation homes/rentals), knock down that house, and built a tiny little park/private garden. Whenever it gets dark and dreary out, I spend a fair bit of time daydreaming about it.

I do, however, feel very grateful for my little “garden” on the lanai, as it is. When I was a little girl, I always wanted a garden, and now I have one. It’s full of beautiful tropical flowers and interesting/weird plants and edibles. It’s even host to about six or seven resident lizards and many frogs and (probably too many) snails. It’s kind of touching to me that they all chose to “move in” and then stay on.  There’s even a spider, now, who moved onto our lanai in the late summer and moves her web around the top screen constantly. Every morning I go out and see where she’s relocated and how much of a new web she’s got going. Sometimes she’ll work on the web for days and days and it will get really intricate, then the next day *poof*, she’s moved on a few feet and working on something new.

This whole process of learning how to garden, figuring out what would work in the limited space and extreme environment, “getting my hands dirty”, and witnessing the cycles of life and seasons through the lens of a container garden has been incredibly fulfilling to me. I’m so glad to have it, even when the weather is funky and the garden doesn’t seem particularly happy about it.

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