Closing Out July in the Garden
















Well, we went from over saturation in the early part of summer to no rain and parched yards for the middle part of summer. I’m not sure when the last day of rain was recorded here. The only good thing about no rain is that the grass isn’t growing as fast. Our ability to keep on top of mowing has been scattered this summer with various trips out of town. At some points keeping the grass mowed was imperative as it seemed to grow overnight. Now, not so much.

The weeds I got under control in the flower beds a few months ago are staring to come back. I guess I need to head back into those beds soon. My brother and sister-in-law braved the weed jungle of our vegetable garden a week ago when they came to visit. My brother had insisted he wasn’t going to do any gardening while he was visiting but the next thing I knew he was out there pulling some weeds. I’m pretty sure whatever they pulled has already been replaced by more weeds!

Despite all of that there are still some great things going on in the garden. It might not be as lush as it has been in prior years but there’s still beauty out there. I’m definitely looking forward to cooler weather and being outside more often. Forest is getting to the point where it will be easier for him to be outside and semi-entertaining himself in any kind of toy/contrapation that doesn’t let him roam freely about the yard—especially when it cools off.

Oh well. I have higher hopes for keeping up here on Sprout in the coming months. Thanks for bearing with us—if anyone is still reading—this year!

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