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Saving Passionfruit Seeds

Back when we lived in Florida I got a few passionfruit from the grocery store once. Being that we started so much from seeds and because we had a natural curiosity to see what would grow, I started the seeds. They did indeed grow and we hand pollinated our vines so we could harvest the […]

Breaking Up is Hard to Do…

So this week I made a sort of agonizing decision for my garden… I decided to get rid of my hibiscus plants. (Well… not “get rid of”, but relocate to the general landscape around our house, as opposed to being inside in my garden on the lanai…) This was, like I said, agonizing. I have […]

passiflora canopy

About two years ago, I relocated one of my passiflora plants to the back of my screened-in lanai. After winding around the trellis that Tom (my husband) built for it, it began clinging to the screen and I decided to let it go ahead and do that, and see what happened. Flash forward to now: […]

Nun’s Orchid

A month or so ago we ventured out to our local plant nursery since it was spring and we had a renewed interest in our garden once again. We toured the areas under the shade cloth and spotted a pot of nun’s orchid, Phaius tankervilleae. I had wanted some for awhile, especially since we used […]

Milkweed Bugs

I can’t remember where we picked up our Asclepias curassivica, aka: scarlet milkweed, but it has thrived in our flower bed this spring. I didn’t even realize it had set seed pods until a week or so ago. As I went over to inspecgt the open seed pods I noticed that the plant was crawling […]

Among The Jade Vine

Strongylodon macrobotrys, or more commonly known, jade vine, is one of my favorite plants to visit at Fairchid Tropical Botanic Gardens. We were there briefly two weeks ago on a trip to Florida and we made our way over to the vine trellises first. Unfortunately this vine is probably out of our reach here in […]

snapshots from an early spring garden

Hello, again! It’s been a few weeks since I last posted. Because fall, winter, and spring are basically one BIG season (with minor variations in temperature) here in Southwest Florida, I’m still just going about the normal, daily tasks of the garden. The big change for us is light- right now the days are “short”, […]

I grew this!

Every so often I grow something in the garden that reminds me why I do this (well, reminds me of one of the MANY reasons). And makes me so happy that I love this hobby so very very much. This week, the Canna Lily that I planted from seed at the beginning of the summer […]

Stapelia gigantea | Starfish cactus

One of the plants that was ‘returned’ to us was starfish cactus cuttings. We had intitially grown them in Florida and then gave Chris’ dad some cuttings. When we left Florida and sold everything we of course didn’t have the plant any longer. Luckily Chris’ dad had kept his cuttings alive over the last three […]

re-organizing the garden, spreading succulents, abandoned plants, and more…

I decided this week I have had just about enough of being a “passive summer gardener”- sitting by and just LOOKING at my plants and flowers as they survived the summer. So what I did was re-organized the garden. One of the benefits of being a container gardener is that whenever the whim strikes, I […]

Night Blooming Cereus | Epiphyllum oxypetalum

We bought this plant for $2 back in the Fall at a local nursery in their clearance section. It had been sitting in its pot waiting to find a spot in the garden until two weeks ago when I noticed it had a flower bud on it, so I decided to get it in the […]

New Deer Fence And A Few Garden Shots

You know those projects that you think are going to be fast and simple? This project was not one of them. Ok, so in relative timelines building this in one day isn’t all that bad, but my little brain thought we’d be through with this before lunch. Chris’ brain knew better and told me it […]

Miracle Fruit

A month or so ago, probably more now, a package arrived in the form of our miracle fruit. We grew some in Florida but of course sold them when we moved (and in the case of one, over fertilizing to the point of dying…oops!). This plant came to our notice at the Fruit and Spice […]

$5 Phalenopsis

I was at the grocery store making my way for the checkout counter when I saw the sign near the flowers. The sign was for discounted flowers, which I thought would mean the stems wrapped in cellophane. Then I saw a couple of Phalenopsis and some bromeliads. I debated for a second whether or not […]

Bananas (Retro Photos)

Spent the weekend with family and am now coming down with a cold so I didn’t have a post prepared for today. Instead I’m going to share some photos of bananas off of our banana trees in Florida. It was fun to actually have fruiting trees!

guess what?

Guess what?! My second Passiflora (I have four, total) started to bloom this week! I wasn’t expecting it at al, to be honest- it started forming buds a while back but they are much smaller than my other in-bloom Passiflora, so I figured that I had a while left until I would see any flowers. […]

New & Old

We’re slowly acquiring some new plants…. The citrus were put in the ground. Sweet little meowsers there in the foreground. Variegated spider lilies for down at the pond. Variegated stephanotis. I’ve always wanted to grow this and our local nursery had a variegated version! Variegated blue sky vine, Thunbergia grandiflora. We had this growing on […]


My father-in-law and his wife came for a short visit this last weekend and brought with him several of the plants we had him take care of while we were off hiking and in transition from living in Florida to moving to Texas. Two of those plants were baobab trees that we started from seeds. […]

… all Misti’s fault… (aka my sudden passiflora obsession)

This is *all* Misti’s fault. A few weeks ago, she posted about Passiflora on her blog. I saw the photos and pretty much lost my gardening cool. I HAD to have one of those in my garden. HAD TO. I mean, look at them! Aren’t they gorgeous? Don’t they look like some magical plant from […]

Ric-Rac Cactus

Slowly we are starting to build up our flowering plant garden again. The ric-rac cactus is a specimen we grew in Florida, where we kept it in a coconut fiber basket and provided a nice nest habitat for some doves in our backyard. See below: We were at Home Depot a few weekends ago getting […]