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Death of a Sassafras

About two weeks ago we noticed this sassafrass tree wilting. First it was a few leaves and then one day it was completely wilted. Typically an upland tree, we really didn’t think it was a water related issue especially since we’d had 7 inches of rain the week before. I went ahead and gave it […]

The Zoe & Grayson Trees | Update

A year ago we planted a pine tree with Zoe, our niece and called it the ‘Zoe Tree’. Two weekends ago Zoe and her brother Grayson were here visiting and I had them stand in front of their respective trees. See how much the tree and kid has grown??? It’s always nice to take photos […]

The Zoe Tree

A couple of months ago we transplanted a small pine tree that had been growing too close to the house in hopes that it would take and grow in its new spot. It looked good for awhile but within the last two weeks it went downhill and died. On Saturday Chris found a larger loblolly […]


“With so many trees in the city, you could see the spring coming each day until a night of warm wind would bring it suddenly in one morning. Sometimes the heavy cold rains would beat it back so that it would seem that it would never come and that you were losing a season out […]

Nature is funny

Like these plum blossoms in the middle of September. The tree is thinking, “I’m gonna tease him just a bit.”

New & Old

We’re slowly acquiring some new plants…. The citrus were put in the ground. Sweet little meowsers there in the foreground. Variegated spider lilies for down at the pond. Variegated stephanotis. I’ve always wanted to grow this and our local nursery had a variegated version! Variegated blue sky vine, Thunbergia grandiflora. We had this growing on […]


My father-in-law and his wife came for a short visit this last weekend and brought with him several of the plants we had him take care of while we were off hiking and in transition from living in Florida to moving to Texas. Two of those plants were baobab trees that we started from seeds. […]

Nyssa aquatica | In the Ground

We just moved into our first house, the first house we’ve ever bought I should say, and along the shoreline of the pond/lake we took down quite a bit of Chinese tallow. It was nice that it cleared up the view, such as what you see above of the house across the lake, but we […]