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new in my garden: succulents and plumeria

My birthday succulents arrived (ordered from here) and there was a nice variety, and they were all healthy  despite very rough handling of the box. Of course, they arrived RIGHT before a few days of endless rain, so thank goodness I kept them under the roof line and didn’t water them much. The last time […]

The Zoe & Grayson Trees | Update

A year ago we planted a pine tree with Zoe, our niece and called it the ‘Zoe Tree’. Two weekends ago Zoe and her brother Grayson were here visiting and I had them stand in front of their respective trees. See how much the tree and kid has grown??? It’s always nice to take photos […]

from seed to bloom – Disco Belle Hibiscus

Sometime in the winter I planted yet another hibiscus seed (Disco Belle from Park). I wasn’t expecting it to grow, because I had tried growing hibiscus from seed before and the seeds never sprouted- there were only ten or so in the packet and every time I planted one something would happen (rain, cold snap, […]

Just Grazin’

So, you know how last Monday I wrote about the deer chowing on my oakleaf hydrangea? Well, they came back overnight after I wrote that and did this: Yeah, I tried reallllly hard not to cry. They also did this: And this: And this: And this: And this: And this: And a countless other noshing […]

pre-summer cleanup

All month I have been getting ready for summer in the garden. The plants are putting out a HUGE show, but the issue is that if I don’t prune them way back now, they won’t survive the summer. It’s better to cut them back quite a bit and allow the new, young greenery to hog […]

Getting Too Attached

I’ve been waiting for this day to happen, the day the deer devour the oakleaf hydrangea for the season. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up, shouldn’t have been falling in love with how the hydrangea has been doing this spring. We were gone over the weekend and it seems that the deer hit the […]

Purple Spotted Phalaenopsis (yay for new orchids!)

For Mother’s Day, Tom got me a new orchid – I think it’s a Purple Splotched Phalaenopsis. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while- the coloring on the petals remind me of watercolor- just *so* beautiful. Hopefully, this guy will do well with us.

May Garden Tour | Video

It’s a long one, but I think it shows some great changes in the garden this month.

here comes the sun…

  It’s SUMMER here in Southwest Florida- no “if”s, “and”s, or “but”s about it. The sun is blazing and bright, the plants need water at least once a day, and the heat-sensitive plants are beginning to shut down. I’ve been doing a ton of repotting- basically removing the plants before they get too dead (I’ve learned […]

In The Cactus Garden

Along with the rest of the garden, the cactus and succulent bed has begun blooming as well. These flowers are from the horse crippler cactus, Echinocactus texensis. This is a Dyckia speices. I think the tag is out there somewhere… And a couple of other cacti that I don’t have tags for, but are still […]

little surprises

Just when I think the garden can’t surprise me, just when I’m sure that I’m aware of EVERY inch of everything happening with every single plant out there, there was a big, sunny rose peeking out from behind the pentas on the side of the house this morning. I had no idea the rose was even […]


Last year we tucked some amaryllis bulbs out into our ‘island’ of wild vegetation near the front of the yard. I’d forgotten about them until very nearly when they were about to bloom. I really need to thin out some of the vegetation around them so they can continue to grow over the years. Anyway, […]

rambling about edibles…

If you’ve been reading Sprout for a while, you probably know that my garden is really centered around flowers. I actually started the garden with every intention of  it being a vegetable garden, but after the first few harvests, I realized that a container garden is not the best place for growing certain foods. For […]

Finally, the herb beds…

We finally began working on the perimeter herb/vine/perennial vegetable beds this weekend. Chris was able to pick up the cedar wood we use for the raised beds on Thursday morning since the store was going to be closed on Good Friday. We began working on the beds on Saturday morning and almost finished getting the […]

musings on an established container garden…

One *not* so good thing about having an “established” container garden (meaning a garden of mature/established plants primarily in containers) is that there comes a time when there’s not so much novelty. On one hand, I LOVE my garden as it is. I know every plant in it (there are over 100+ at this point) […]

A third time.

This marks the third year where I’ve been screwed over by the weather. This year though it wasn’t because I planted a few weeks early. Its because Mother Nature hates me and decided to bring in a really late killing frost. I can’t catch a break. I even anticipated for the crappy weather and covered […]

April Edibles

The bulk of the edible section of the garden right now are greens of varying varieties. Some of them are even starting to bolt, but hopefully I can get them to hold on a few more weeks. Well, maybe not the spinach. I think I’ll be pulling it this week and freezing the leaves that […]

In Bloom

We had another big storm this week, but luckily nothing got damaged. Some of the plants got knocked around a bit, but nothing overwhelming. A few things bloomed this week: The yellow canna seed I planted late last summer, (or at least I *think* it was late last summer). I was surprised to see how […]

Snapdragon and Foxglove

Just some simple blooms for today.

early April in the garden

Just a few photos from around the garden with my new iPhone. It has a completely updated camera on it with all sorts of light sensors and such… I know it’s still just a phone camera, but I think it did a lot better taking photos in BRIGHT sunlight than my other phone did. The […]