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Seed Giveaway!

Back in the day, oh 5 or 6 years ago, I tried selling some of my tomato seeds on Etsy. I sold some here and there, mostly enough for me to buy something I wanted on Etsy or another plant. It was nothing of note and never went anywhere. Of course I stopped selling seeds […]

Good Gardening Reads | Late June Edition

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Milkweed Bugs

I can’t remember where we picked up our Asclepias curassivica, aka: scarlet milkweed, but it has thrived in our flower bed this spring. I didn’t even realize it had set seed pods until a week or so ago. As I went over to inspecgt the open seed pods I noticed that the plant was crawling […]

Death of a Sassafras

About two weeks ago we noticed this sassafrass tree wilting. First it was a few leaves and then one day it was completely wilted. Typically an upland tree, we really didn’t think it was a water related issue especially since we’d had 7 inches of rain the week before. I went ahead and gave it […]

Herb Bed/Perimeter Bed Update

The herb and perimeter beds are proving to go slower than we wanted, mostly because I can’t help as much as I would like, being pregnant as I am currently. It really makes me feel guilty watching Chris do all of the work. However, he’s done an excellent job with the digging and my dad, […]

The Zoe & Grayson Trees | Update

A year ago we planted a pine tree with Zoe, our niece and called it the ‘Zoe Tree’. Two weekends ago Zoe and her brother Grayson were here visiting and I had them stand in front of their respective trees. See how much the tree and kid has grown??? It’s always nice to take photos […]

Just Grazin’

So, you know how last Monday I wrote about the deer chowing on my oakleaf hydrangea? Well, they came back overnight after I wrote that and did this: Yeah, I tried reallllly hard not to cry. They also did this: And this: And this: And this: And this: And this: And a countless other noshing […]

Getting Too Attached

I’ve been waiting for this day to happen, the day the deer devour the oakleaf hydrangea for the season. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up, shouldn’t have been falling in love with how the hydrangea has been doing this spring. We were gone over the weekend and it seems that the deer hit the […]

May Garden Tour | Video

It’s a long one, but I think it shows some great changes in the garden this month.

In The Cactus Garden

Along with the rest of the garden, the cactus and succulent bed has begun blooming as well. These flowers are from the horse crippler cactus, Echinocactus texensis. This is a Dyckia speices. I think the tag is out there somewhere… And a couple of other cacti that I don’t have tags for, but are still […]


Last year we tucked some amaryllis bulbs out into our ‘island’ of wild vegetation near the front of the yard. I’d forgotten about them until very nearly when they were about to bloom. I really need to thin out some of the vegetation around them so they can continue to grow over the years. Anyway, […]

Finally, the herb beds…

We finally began working on the perimeter herb/vine/perennial vegetable beds this weekend. Chris was able to pick up the cedar wood we use for the raised beds on Thursday morning since the store was going to be closed on Good Friday. We began working on the beds on Saturday morning and almost finished getting the […]

April Edibles

The bulk of the edible section of the garden right now are greens of varying varieties. Some of them are even starting to bolt, but hopefully I can get them to hold on a few more weeks. Well, maybe not the spinach. I think I’ll be pulling it this week and freezing the leaves that […]

Snapdragon and Foxglove

Just some simple blooms for today.


Finally, finally, finally. I’m not going to say we’re not going to have anymore coolish nights dipping into the 40s, but I think we’re done with daytime temps of that for sure. We’ve had a few cooler mornings where you throw on a jacket until 10 or 11 am and then shed the layers, but […]

Wildflowers & Bulbs

The right-of-way strip out in front of the house is almost in full glory at the moment. Most of the daffodils are done but the hyacinths and the wildflower seed mix is going crazy right now. Next year I think we’ll plant more hyacinths as they have really been spectacular, not only in blooming but […]

Among The Jade Vine

Strongylodon macrobotrys, or more commonly known, jade vine, is one of my favorite plants to visit at Fairchid Tropical Botanic Gardens. We were there briefly two weeks ago on a trip to Florida and we made our way over to the vine trellises first. Unfortunately this vine is probably out of our reach here in […]

Iris reticulata in bloom

Back in the fall we planted these bulbs in the side-yard addition of the flower garden. This iris is native to parts of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Russia, so definitely not an American native. However, it is still quite a lovely bulb that I’m glad we planted. The flowers stay well below the length of […]

Early Spring Color

It’s pretty amazing what 10 days of warm weather can do in the garden. Plants are blooming, others are waking up from dormancy and sprouting new growth—at least those that survived our deep freeze in January. It’s fantastic to see it all! Everywhere I turn there’s something new to get excited about…a tree blosssoming, seeds […]

The February Garden

Just about a five minute video of what’s going on in the flower garden at the moment. Trying to take advantage of the current warm weather!