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A third time.

This marks the third year where I’ve been screwed over by the weather. This year though it wasn’t because I planted a few weeks early. Its because Mother Nature hates me and decided to bring in a really late killing frost. I can’t catch a break. I even anticipated for the crappy weather and covered […]


Its about time we got some warmer weather around here. I think its safe to say that Old Man Winter has retreated to his cabin until September.

Ashleigh’s Rose

Red, warming my soul It won’t be long; spring time Your sweet sweet fragrance

Sprucing up

This past weekend I finally got around to installing a pen for the chickens. In the process I coerced my wife into getting a new coop for the girls. Their old one wasn’t made by a great craftsman and was getting rickety pretty quick. So much so, I was using a 2×4 to prop one […]

Busy weekend ahead

I’m hoping for a very productive Saturday coming up in a few days. I acquired some welded wire fencing from the guy across the street that he had leftover from installing a pen for his chickens. I’m hoping to accomplish the same this weekend. We both have discovered that letting the hens roam the entire […]

Snow Day

Earlier this morning, Fluffy issued a statement: Due to inclement weather, the garden will be closed for the next couple of days.

Backyard Smoothie

Guest post from Stephanie Whitlock (Curtis Wife)   Hello, I’m Stephanie, Curtis’ other half or better half however you want to put it. When Curtis first started gardening I was a little apprehensive with all the space the garden was taking up in our tiny little backyard. We needed room for the kids to play. […]

Seed starting update

This is what happens when you don’t wait long enough for seeds to sprout and you go ahead and plant something else in its place. I now have Silver Fir Tree and Big Rainbow growing together. These Red and Orange Wonder peppers are doing great. Speed growing. The other types of peppers I started are […]

Little Helper

I cannot think of a time when I’m working playing in the garden and these little legs aren’t right there behind me. He knows to put the feed in the bowl and the scratch in the dirt. He is only two, yet knows how to plant seeds. When I need that extra hand to carry […]

Bits and pieces

I usually plop down on the couch with my phone or tablet in the evenings and hash out a blog post. I couldn’t remember the last time I sat in front of my laptop. The battery is toast, so it stays plugged in and the seat we have isn’t really that comfortable. Luckily this evening […]

Back in the saddle

No, this is not the beginning of a new chapter in my life; this is the beginning of a new book! That first book is already closed, ended, and tossed into the seas; this new book is newly opened, has just begun! Look, it is the first page! And it is a beautiful one! – […]

Looking for Ladybugs

Things are speeding up.

For some reason I thought wheat grew taller than this, or maybe its the variety I am growing. It has already set its berries and won’t be getting any taller. The feverfew is blooming profusely.  I dont really have a medicinal use for it, but the bees seem to like it and that’s all that […]


This is normal for this time of year. With the warmer weather kicking in, everything decides to take off. I’ve been cutting chard, spinach, kale, and lettuce every few days or so in amounts like this. My wife makes herself a green drink every morning with everything here. It’s easy to get spoiled with the […]

Five Things

The kale has brought an abundance of aphids to the garden. The lady bugs are chopping down on them and leaving babies behind, like this little guy hanging out on a lettuce leaf. This is Rosie, we got her last weekend. Read about her and her friends over at Backyard Ramblings. I am just a […]

Proud dad moment

Zoe planted the seed, and for the most part watered when she remembered to ask me. Today, they were finally large enough to let her pick them. I’m happy that she likes to help me in the garden and asks about things.

A trip to Homestead Farms

Last Saturday we made a trip out to a family farm not to far from home. I’d heard of the name before but never really investigated it. My wife recently changed her diet and was looking for some good local ingredients and found this place through a church friend. If you aren’t careful you’ll miss […]

Sprout Dispatch’s First Ever Video Blog!

Sometime towards the end of last week I came up with the idea to sit down with my brother and do an impromptu video blog. I’ve probably been listening to too many podcasts lately and I’m sure that influenced me, but I thought our little sit down was fun. Sit down with a bit of […]

Spruced Up

This past weekend while the rest the rest of the family was out of town visiting my sister and bro-in-law, I took to the garden to spruce up my new growing space. Last week I tore down the greenhouse. It took two truck loads of mulch to cover the area. Its now covered somewhere around […]

Remember the…

With today being a day of remembrance here in Texas (Fall of the Alamo, 1836), I thought it only fitting to show where the greenhouse stood for nearly two years. It’s pretty naked over here now. I had been planning on taking it down later this year, but the high winds last week swept away […]