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The Natural Gardener | A Garden Center Tour

One of our favorite nurseries to visit while in the Austin area is The Natural Gardener. It’s on the southwest side of town, tucked away off the main roads heading to Bee Cave and Dripping Springs. It’s full of native plants and all sorts of wonderous plants! Right off the bat we found a hairy […]

Anticipating Fall Vegetable Gardening

Remember the garden looking like this? This was early July. It got much, much worse after that. And this was pretty bad! Needless to say, summer came upon us and we did not keep up with gardening. A few weekends ago we spent some time getting it all weeded and attempting to get new mulch […]

long time, no blog…

Hello! It’s Chel. I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. It’s been a … strange (?) summer. Long story, short(er): I haven’t been feeling well for a while (about two-and-a-half years, to be honest) and a blood test at my doctor’s office in September showed that my iron levels have gotten […]

Nyssa aquatica Update

Three years ago we planted a water tupelo on the edge of our pond. It has since thrived and done extremely well in its location. I thought I’d show a little update! As you can see, it has gained a lot of height in the last three years! I can’t wait to see what it […]

Saving Passionfruit Seeds

Back when we lived in Florida I got a few passionfruit from the grocery store once. Being that we started so much from seeds and because we had a natural curiosity to see what would grow, I started the seeds. They did indeed grow and we hand pollinated our vines so we could harvest the […]

Mid-August | Hot but Anticipating Autumn

A few nights ago I decided to finally clean up the potting bench. Up until earlier this summer we had several things growing out over there. With various projects going on around the house and the general busy-ness of the summer, the potting bench got neglected and unwatered. Therefore just about everything on the bench […]

Closing Out July in the Garden

Well, we went from over saturation in the early part of summer to no rain and parched yards for the middle part of summer. I’m not sure when the last day of rain was recorded here. The only good thing about no rain is that the grass isn’t growing as fast. Our ability to keep […]

Breaking Up is Hard to Do…

So this week I made a sort of agonizing decision for my garden… I decided to get rid of my hibiscus plants. (Well… not “get rid of”, but relocate to the general landscape around our house, as opposed to being inside in my garden on the lanai…) This was, like I said, agonizing. I have […]

The Good. The Bad. The Embarassing.

The Good The Bad I might have been on top of the weeds in the flower garden a month ago, but they are trying to topple me now. The Embarassing Um, yeah…this is the vegetable garden. Somewhere in there are leeks, peppers, garlic, cucumbers, tomatoes, and who knows what else. Oh, I know…weeds!

Back in the Garden…

Long time, no blog! Not only have I been away from the blog, I was also sort of away from the garden- for most of May and early June, I was sidelined by illness. I was able to go outside and poke around a bit, but my husband Tom took over the big duties like […]

Late June in the Garden

It’s a little crazy here lately, but I think the video sums things up.

Early June in the Garden

I put together another video for this month. It’s a little more artistic than I usually do. Enjoy!

passiflora canopy

About two years ago, I relocated one of my passiflora plants to the back of my screened-in lanai. After winding around the trellis that Tom (my husband) built for it, it began clinging to the screen and I decided to let it go ahead and do that, and see what happened. Flash forward to now: […]

Early May Garden Tour

Chris got a Go Pro camera at Christmas and hadn’t used it so I asked if I could start playing with it. He bought the head component so I could wear it on my head and out the door I went. Forest had an ear infection so I stayed home with him yesterday and we […]

Nun’s Orchid

A month or so ago we ventured out to our local plant nursery since it was spring and we had a renewed interest in our garden once again. We toured the areas under the shade cloth and spotted a pot of nun’s orchid, Phaius tankervilleae. I had wanted some for awhile, especially since we used […]

air plant weirdness

Every so often, my air plant does this: Technically, it’s blooming. And that purple *thing* (there’s actually two of them this time) with the yellow pods and white center-thingee (these are very scientific and technical terms, as you might have guessed)  is the “flower”. It doesn’t open up or anything- it just shoots out and […]

April Garden Tour

orchids, orchids, orchids…

This has been a banner year for my orchids. I now have seven of them- I had four, and in the last few months, Gracie and Tom added three more to the collection. They usually bloom in spring/early summer, but this year every single one of them came into bloom at the same time. It’s […]

Wildflowers in the Right-of-Way

Chris worked hard to seed the front right-of-way strip thicker with bluebonnets this year. The two previous years we had used a wildflower mix from Wildseed Farms but we weren’t getting the bluebonnet results we wanted. So this year Chris bought a pound of bluebonnet seeds and the rewards from that have been great. We […]

The Great Carrot Harvest of 2015

When Chris planted carrots back in the fall I don’t think he expected that we’d get the harvest we did a week ago. Even just a few days before he harvested them he was lamenting that he thought they weren’t going to yield the amount he envisioned. The morning of his harvesting he came in […]