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As the summer weather begins to fade, it’s time to start preparing for the fall. Tilling under some leftover buckwheat, pulling weeds, amending the soil with green sand and molasses, and of course, getting some seeds planted. Well, ok, so these weren’t seeds when I started them. These multiplier onions got pulled up at the […]

autumn plans

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the benefits of gardening in ZONE TEN (yes, all caps, because it’s a challenging zone!) is that fall is a second spring for us. We get to garden year round. Whatever makes it through the soggy, blistering, and dark summers flourishes. And whatever doesn’t (vegetables, some herbs, fickle flowers […]

Save and preserve

I must say that I’ve never saved any of my tomato seed. The only type of vegetable seed I’ve ever saved was okra about 2 years ago. After reading up on saving the seeds from tomatoes, it seemed like a long drawn out process that I didn’t really want to mess with. But with the […]


While canning the last of the bulk tomatoes I cut a rotten spot out of this here tomato. While inspecting the insides I notice that a seed had sprouted. Instead of taking it out and planting it, I just stuck in with the batch to get canned. The different varieties of cucumbers. Lemon, Orient Express, […]

How To: Saving Tomato Seeds

There are a multitude of websites that already show one how to save their tomato seeds, but I thought I would show you how to do it anyway! I know that you will see the Sungold listed there and it is actually an F1 hybrid. I have saved seeds from them before and have obtained […]

Better late than never

On my way to pick up my kids from their grandparent’s house yesterday evening I was trying to decide what to write about for Wednesday. After all, it’s only Tuesday, right? Then I got to thinking, I totally missed my day to write. Oh well. So I figured I could sneak this post in here […]

The other garden

After all the shenanigans in my garden out back, I also take care of a plot at a local community garden. This is the second year the garden has been operational and the second year I have taken on maintaining a plot there. Last year was pretty successful as I ended up growing two 5 […]

Seed saving

Nothing is ripe is the garden right now. Nothing to dig up. Nothing new to plant. Nothing to build. Figured it was time to harvest the seed from the bluebonnets I pulled up a few weeks ago. Not really something I was looking forward too as I usually just leave the plants and let the […]