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Saving Passionfruit Seeds

Back when we lived in Florida I got a few passionfruit from the grocery store once. Being that we started so much from seeds and because we had a natural curiosity to see what would grow, I started the seeds. They did indeed grow and we hand pollinated our vines so we could harvest the […]

Milkweed Bugs

I can’t remember where we picked up our Asclepias curassivica, aka: scarlet milkweed, but it has thrived in our flower bed this spring. I didn’t even realize it had set seed pods until a week or so ago. As I went over to inspecgt the open seed pods I noticed that the plant was crawling […]

summer seed order

This past week Park Seed was wrapping up its annual “Spring into Summer” sale, and since quantities were dwindling, and I have a few holes in my garden (ie empty pots and extra potting soil), I went ahead and placed a small seed order. Here’s what I got (images courtesy of Park Seed): The one […]

from seed to bloom – Disco Belle Hibiscus

Sometime in the winter I planted yet another hibiscus seed (Disco Belle from Park). I wasn’t expecting it to grow, because I had tried growing hibiscus from seed before and the seeds never sprouted- there were only ten or so in the packet and every time I planted one something would happen (rain, cold snap, […]

Seed starting update

This is what happens when you don’t wait long enough for seeds to sprout and you go ahead and plant something else in its place. I now have Silver Fir Tree and Big Rainbow growing together. These Red and Orange Wonder peppers are doing great. Speed growing. The other types of peppers I started are […]

busy bee

I’m finally settling back into my regular garden routine. It’s odd to me that while the rest of my gardening friends are sort of on a break (whether they want it or not), gardening season is kicking into FULL gear for me. I’m in Southwest Florida so our “good weather” season is when the rest […]

autumn seed order

I have been asking Tom to help me pick out some fruits and veggies for the garden, and yesterday morning we sat down for a few minutes and decided on a few different things and placed an order with Park Seed. I used to order seeds and purchase plants pretty regularly, but now that my […]

passiflora and seed order

You might remember that last year I got a little obsessed with passiflora, and wound up getting ordering four different varieties of them from Hirt’s. All four of the plants took off as soon as I repotted them, and grew like crazy. However, only two of them bloomed. One of them (I believe it’s a […]

Things are speeding up.

For some reason I thought wheat grew taller than this, or maybe its the variety I am growing. It has already set its berries and won’t be getting any taller. The feverfew is blooming profusely.  I dont really have a medicinal use for it, but the bees seem to like it and that’s all that […]

little hands and big seeds

  A few days ago, I found a half-popped popcorn kernel in a cup on Gracie’s desk. I didn’t think too much of it, because she’s always collecting odds and ends to tape into her journals. I was surprised, however, when she brought the piece of popcorn to me and told me saved it because […]

chel’s “duh!” gardening moment: harvesting sunflower seeds

So, I have a confession: I didn’t know how to harvest sunflower seeds until a few weeks ago. I mean, I knew the seeds were *in* the center of the flower, and the flower itself had to be done blooming and be dried before the seeds could be removed, but I had no idea *where* […]

what I know about: nasturtiums…

This is my third season planting and tending nasturtiums so I figured I might share what I have learned.  I always tells myself that I will “cool it” on the nasturtium planting, but every year I find myself with anywhere from 30-50 individual nasturtiums, from seed. (And yes, they are all in containers.) I have a few […]

out in the garden; into the pale moon

I started my spring crop of tomatoes and peppers last week. New Year’s Day to be exact. I was kind of excited to get things going. I started everything in the kitchen and had to listen to the wife moan about my taking over the dinner table. I left the seed tray there until this […]

holiday goodness

Christmas was *great* in the gardening sense. I asked for a few plants that I really have wanted, but never purchased. Tom got me a BUNCH of great stuff: a peony seedling, a new hibiscus (BLUE double- can’t wait to see this one when it blooms!), two camillia (one a four year bonsai, the other […]

And the winner is… / winter preps

Since no one commented that was eligible, there was no winner for the very simple seed giveaway. I’ll put them back in my collection for later. This past weekend was exceptionally chilly with highs in the upper 50s. A bit odd for early October. It could be foreshadowing for a wet and cold winter compared […]


I’d be lying to you if I said that I’ve been hard at work in the garden the past two weeks striving hard to get things cleaned up and get lots planted for fall. That hasn’t been then case. The kids have been fighting off fall allergies and 24 hour bugs, along with myself fighting […]

seed (window) shopping

I am at the stage in my garden where a bunch of seeds have been planted for fall but nothing’s really cooking in the garden so I find myself “window” shopping for more seeds. A quick look at my bank account put the kibosh on any orders for this month (plus, I just got a […]

Taste of the Southwest

We went on vacation last week to one of my favorite states to visit. New Mexico. Not because I worked three summers in the Sangre de Cristo mountains in the northwestern part of the state and have a bond with it. The state is different. Of all the states I have visited, it is the […]

Seeds—lots of Seeds!

So, we have a lot of seeds. They used to be stored in this box on the right, which worked fine until we obtained even more seeds in the last year and they just plumb won’t fit in there any longer! I dumped out what was in the file box on the left (craft junk…it […]

new workspace / new seeds!

My Passiflora (the first one I got, I now have four total) bloomed again yesterday! Pretty exciting, since I really worried that its little vacation into the garage during Hurricane Isaac would really hurt all the tiny buds that were on the plant when we had to transfer it. But they are still growing. One […]