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The Great Carrot Harvest of 2015

When Chris planted carrots back in the fall I don’t think he expected that we’d get the harvest we did a week ago. Even just a few days before he harvested them he was lamenting that he thought they weren’t going to yield the amount he envisioned. The morning of his harvesting he came in […]

Fall Veggie Gardening

Thankfully Autumn has arrived! And with it a bit of cooler weather, or at least weather that doesn’t lend to profuse sweating in the afternoon. The sweet dumpling squash I have in a container in the vegetable garden is doing really well and even has two fruits now. Let’s hope they hang on until harvest! […]

Late August In The Garden

The gladioli that have started blooming are my second plant this season that has decided to bloom completely out of its normal season. First it was a bluebonnet and now the glad’s. I’m not complaining, they are beautiful to look at. Hyacinth bean vines have started taking hold on a portion of the fenceline. The […]

Late Evening In The Garden

A month or two ago Chris bought some Stokes’ asters online after some coworkers recommended it. Just now some of them are starting to bloom. The discount passiflora I bought in the fall on clearance has recuperated well and is putting out a lot of new growth along the fenceline. It would be awesome if […]

Growth In The Veggie Beds

The veggie beds are coming along, growing well and looking good. Clockwise from the bottom right: tomatoes, tomatoes, potatoes and squash, pepper-okra-eggplant-corn, dragon tongue beans and melons, and finally cowpeas-squash-one melon from the compost bin-amaranth-corn. The two biggest tomatoes have been producing the most flowers and I’m just hoping that soon I’ll see the beginnings […]

Winter rest

As the days grow shorter and colder (well, sometime soon I’m hoping), time in the garden is cut down to just a few hours a week. By the time I get home from work the sun is setting. Depressing. The past few weeks have been busy around here. Two weeks ago we were getting things […]


As the summer weather begins to fade, it’s time to start preparing for the fall. Tilling under some leftover buckwheat, pulling weeds, amending the soil with green sand and molasses, and of course, getting some seeds planted. Well, ok, so these weren’t seeds when I started them. These multiplier onions got pulled up at the […]

The other garden

After all the shenanigans in my garden out back, I also take care of a plot at a local community garden. This is the second year the garden has been operational and the second year I have taken on maintaining a plot there. Last year was pretty successful as I ended up growing two 5 […]

Organically Thinking

Gladiolus flowers soon to open I was flipping through a gardening magazine, which I’ll keep nameless, that Chris (my husband) had in his car and after reading several articles it dawned on me how much my viewpoint on organic gardening has changed. Organic gardening is at the forefront of my thinking when I talk or […]