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Eastern Red Columbine

Somehow this columbine (Aquilegia canadensis) has escaped the wrath of the deer. We have another one in the garden that has been nibbled on as well as a couple of hybrid McKana’s Giant plants. Sometimes it feels as if the plants just can’t get a break. They will recuperate only to be browsed upon by […]

The Zoe Tree

A couple of months ago we transplanted a small pine tree that had been growing too close to the house in hopes that it would take and grow in its new spot. It looked good for awhile but within the last two weeks it went downhill and died. On Saturday Chris found a larger loblolly […]

Late February Blooms

I’m going to take a break from talking about putting in our garden to show what is blooming around the yard right now. ‘Jane’ magnolia. A pretty apricot flower. A wild violet This hibiscus has a fancy name that I can’t remember. Some of the bulbs and wildflower we planted in our right-of-way are coming […]

Operation Save The Pine Tree *or* Kill The Pine Beetles

So. We have a problem. Potentially, and likely, a lethal one. The southern pine bark beetle. So, when we moved into our house this summer we had a lot of dead pine trees. Many were victims of the drought last year but I’m sure many were finished off by pine beetles. We have taken all […]

Alophia drummondii | Pinewoods Lily

The weekend we moved into our house we were doing a massive amount of yard work. We happened to notice this purple flower among the tall grass. I didn’t have my camera with me but I made a mental note to dig the plant up when I could to put it somewhere that wouldn’t get […]