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The Zoe & Grayson Trees | Update

A year ago we planted a pine tree with Zoe, our niece and called it the ‘Zoe Tree’. Two weekends ago Zoe and her brother Grayson were here visiting and I had them stand in front of their respective trees. See how much the tree and kid has grown??? It’s always nice to take photos […]

My Favorite Gardener

Sometime in the last few years I came across these photos of my grandmother. Likely it was when I was doing genealogy many moons ago. My guess is the photos were taken in the late 40s or early 50s, maybe a little later than that, but they represented my grandmother well. She passed away this […]

Ashleigh’s Garden

I have a section in the front yard that I call Ashleigh’s garden. It’s probably the most prominent feature in the front yard, yet not many people know the reason for the added on piece of flower bed. It’s rather odd looking to say the least. If a walking path were to somehow become pregnant, […]