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garden goals and resolutions for 2013

As I started thinking about what I wanted to accomplish to try in 2013, I naturally included gardening. Gardening is such a regular part of my life now, and it makes me so happy. In some ways, it’s hard to believe I’ve been plugging away daily at my “little” garden (which now takes up about […]

Winter rest

As the days grow shorter and colder (well, sometime soon I’m hoping), time in the garden is cut down to just a few hours a week. By the time I get home from work the sun is setting. Depressing. The past few weeks have been busy around here. Two weeks ago we were getting things […]

holiday gifts for gardeners

A few days ago, one of my family members asked me what a gardener might want for the holidays. I guess she has a few of us on her list this year and was looking for general gift recommendations. I really had no idea. I mean, I know what *I* want and need for my […]