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The Natural Gardener | A Garden Center Tour

One of our favorite nurseries to visit while in the Austin area is The Natural Gardener. It’s on the southwest side of town, tucked away off the main roads heading to Bee Cave and Dripping Springs. It’s full of native plants and all sorts of wonderous plants! Right off the bat we found a hairy […]

Among The Jade Vine

Strongylodon macrobotrys, or more commonly known, jade vine, is one of my favorite plants to visit at Fairchid Tropical Botanic Gardens. We were there briefly two weeks ago on a trip to Florida and we made our way over to the vine trellises first. Unfortunately this vine is probably out of our reach here in […]

Enchanted Gardens | A Visit to a Nursery

Chris and I went down to the Texas coast for a short weekend getaway and on our way down I was remembering a nursery I had heard about that I thought was in Rosenberg, Texas. Chris remembered a name and his his mom look up the address for us so we could check it out […]

Wildseed Farms | A Photo Tour

Over Memorial Day weekend Chris and I were in the Texas Hill Country near Fredericksburg and also very near Wildseed Farms. I had always wanted to visit and we had the opportunity this time around. We’ve bought seeds from them in the past so connecting the source of seed to what we plant here at […]

Garvan Woodland Gardens | A Photo Tour

Recently I was in Hot Springs, Arkansas and had the opportunity to visit Garvan Woodland Gardens for a few hours one morning. It was quite an expansive place, full of small planted gardens here and there and large areas of more natural appearing woodland areas. There won’t be a lot of writing in this post […]

rainy week & disney butterflies

It’s been raining *all* week. (And I’m not being dramatic.) There wasn’t anything to do in the garden besides walk around and hope that the new plumeria cuttings (which were supposed to dry out completely after being planted!) can pull through this soggy, dreary weather. Some of the plants seem to enjoy the rain, but […]

Epcot Flower & Garden Festival

On Friday, Tom and I made the drive four hours north to visit Epcot Center at Walt Disney World. My parents were up there with Gracie on vacation, so we decided to drive up for the day and spend time with them. It was a happy coincidence that the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival happened […]

A Trip to the Antique Rose Emporium

Last week my mom, sister-in-law, and niece and nephew were in town for a visit so Chris and I took them to Brenham, Texas, home of Blue Bell Ice Cream for a tour of their factory and then a stopover at the Antique Rose Emporium to see what that was all about. I had read […]

Naples Botanical Garden – October 2012

For Gracie’s birthday, she very much wanted to spend the afternoon at the Naples Botanical Garden so off we went, with my mom and dad in tow. We had a wonderful time, and I even managed to get a few photos of the beautiful landscape. You know you are a garden nerd when you go […]

Field Trip: Naples Botanical Garden

Because there’s no much going on in the garden this week (lots of rain, me conserving health…) I thought I might dig into my archives and share some photos from the Naples Botanical Garden. We’re lucky enough to live just half an hour away from this beautiful spot. It’s sort of a hidden gem around […]

Nearly Wordless Monday/Tuesday

My apologies for not posting yesterday—I’ve been neck deep in moving. I thought about it yesterday at lunch time but had to go to the post office, get lunch and return to paint and just didn’t squeeze in the time. For now, enjoy this slipper orchid from the American Orchid Society garden in Delray Beach, […]

Living with the Land

As I mentioned last week, we spent six days at Walt Disney World here in Florida. One good thing about going away on vacation, at least for me, is it gives me a different perspective on my garden. When I got home, I was able to look at all my plants objectively and I realized […]