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garden goals and resolutions for 2013

As I started thinking about what I wanted to accomplish to try in 2013, I naturally included gardening. Gardening is such a regular part of my life now, and it makes me so happy. In some ways, it’s hard to believe I’ve been plugging away daily at my “little” garden (which now takes up about […]

holiday goodness

Christmas was *great* in the gardening sense. I asked for a few plants that I really have wanted, but never purchased. Tom got me a BUNCH of great stuff: a peony seedling, a new hibiscus (BLUE double- can’t wait to see this one when it blooms!), two camillia (one a four year bonsai, the other […]

Stillness & Planning

Today there will be no photos. Only words. The photos I keep forgetting to take or waiting until it is just almost dark and then remembering and so I don’t get around to the photos. This last week and a half would have been full of doing yard work and getting things ready for spring […]

Winter rest

As the days grow shorter and colder (well, sometime soon I’m hoping), time in the garden is cut down to just a few hours a week. By the time I get home from work the sun is setting. Depressing. The past few weeks have been busy around here. Two weeks ago we were getting things […]

Taking Advantage of Free Mulch

With all the planting we’ve been doing around the yard we’ve also been buying a lot of bags of mulch. While I did pack up a couple bags of pine needles, that will not be enough to mulch everything we plant. And buying mulch gets expensive, but also isn’t so sustainable either. (Stay away from […]

Rosemary & The Side Bed

So. The side flower bed. Eventually this area will be a flower garden and not a vegetable garden but until then it is a veg-flower hybrid. I wanted to get started on the planning phase of the flower garden and I decided that it was time to start working on it. After discussing over what […]

Oakleaf Hydrangea

I spent yesterday working hard in the yard, including planting this oakleaf hydrangea. The two ‘sticks’ in the background is a yaupon holly that I trimmed down but will have to have my husband Chris finish the job of cutting down with a chainsaw. To the left is the trellis that hides our water tank […]

best laid plans…

On Friday I ordered a bunch of seeds from Renee’s Garden (the last day of their big seed sale!) and I was anticipating that they would have arrived earlier this week and I could do a post about planting them/garden planning for the next few weeks, but despite my stalking the mailbox, my seeds are […]

checking out the greenhouse

October To-Do List

This morning I walked out to my car to put some items in for the office while I finished letting my egg boils on the stove. When I turned back to head back into the house I was startled by two bucks and a doe. The doe was eyeing her way to my garden and […]

a week in the life of a container gardener: early October

Saturday, October 6th 2012: Today was all about repotting. The rain hasn’t let up in literally months so I decided that some of my more “soggy” plants needed to thoroughly dry out in a way they wouldn’t have the opportunity to do if I just left them alone. So I repotted the ivy, all the […]

And the winner is… / winter preps

Since no one commented that was eligible, there was no winner for the very simple seed giveaway. I’ll put them back in my collection for later. This past weekend was exceptionally chilly with highs in the upper 50s. A bit odd for early October. It could be foreshadowing for a wet and cold winter compared […]


I’d be lying to you if I said that I’ve been hard at work in the garden the past two weeks striving hard to get things cleaned up and get lots planted for fall. That hasn’t been then case. The kids have been fighting off fall allergies and 24 hour bugs, along with myself fighting […]

(Mostly) Budget Landscaping

Slowly but surely we are starting to landscape around the yard. This is despite the fact we still have trees to chop up and burn as well as the associated limbs and debris from said trees. The yard is clearing up somewhat so we took some time to find plants we thought were a steal […]

butterfly/hummingbird container garden

You may have remembered that earlier this summer I decided my big garden goal, at least for the season ahead, was to start a butterfly/hummingbird garden on the little porch on the side of my house. I realized yesterday that what I was hoping for out there has actually sort of come together. I have […]