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April Edibles

The bulk of the edible section of the garden right now are greens of varying varieties. Some of them are even starting to bolt, but hopefully I can get them to hold on a few more weeks. Well, maybe not the spinach. I think I’ll be pulling it this week and freezing the leaves that […]

Transplanting the Tomatoes

About a month ago Chris started the tomato seeds out in his man-cave. He had bought grow-lights last year and with this wicked winter we’ve been having, it has worked out for the better to keep them inside during January. Last year I just moved them under our porch when a cold front would come […]

oh, january…

This (picture above) is pretty much January in the garden. Chilly and rainy. The weather is taking care of all my gardening tasks- since it’s chilly and not very sunny, nothing is growing very fast (no pruning) and since it rains every few days, nothing needs watering. So I basically just go out there and […]

Onward to Spring

Winter just officially started but I’ve never considered mid-December the real start to winter. That’s always in November sometime, whenever the first real cold front comes through. That’s about when this blog went into hibernation, November 11th. I think we all needed a break though. We’re coming up on two years of writing here, can […]

autumn seed order

I have been asking Tom to help me pick out some fruits and veggies for the garden, and yesterday morning we sat down for a few minutes and decided on a few different things and placed an order with Park Seed. I used to order seeds and purchase plants pretty regularly, but now that my […]

Fall Veggie Gardening

Thankfully Autumn has arrived! And with it a bit of cooler weather, or at least weather that doesn’t lend to profuse sweating in the afternoon. The sweet dumpling squash I have in a container in the vegetable garden is doing really well and even has two fruits now. Let’s hope they hang on until harvest! […]

repotting mania, and a new hibiscus

On Saturday we stopped at Home Depot so I could get some containers/planters, and I spotted a strange looking hibiscus… which I had to buy. *sigh* Oh well, plants are usually cheaper than shoes and/or handbags, so at least I can say that. It’s a HibisKiss “Hugs N Kisses” and it just grabbed my attention. […]

September! Finally!

I’m excited because the calendar says it’s September, even though the weather doesn’t. Just a few more weeks… This week I actually did a lot of gardening. I didn’t think there was much to do but when I REALLY looked around I saw plenty of little things that I wanted to take care of. I […]

Fall Garden Planning and Planting

Ahhh, fall. Oh, wait, it’s not fall yet. However, it *is* time to start getting ready for fall gardening, especially if you are in the south. If you are in the north you should have been doing that a month ago. Here in greater Houston Chris and I have been using the book Year Round […]

Hanging In There | Late Summer In The Garden

As much as I don’t want summer to end, I can see the change of seasons starting. The bluestem grasses are sprouting and reaching for the skies. I haven’t seen much goldenrod yet but I’m sure it is there. Even the light in the sky is changing. Summer is easing up, or at least pretending […]

Around The Garden in May

With warm weather here to stay until sometime in November, everything in the garden has started taking off. I’m finally getting tomatoes and am hoping I can get a decent crop in before the really hot weather in July. Hopefully I will be able to keep the more vining and heat tolerant varieties longer. There’s […]

Things are speeding up.

For some reason I thought wheat grew taller than this, or maybe its the variety I am growing. It has already set its berries and won’t be getting any taller. The feverfew is blooming profusely.  I dont really have a medicinal use for it, but the bees seem to like it and that’s all that […]

Growth In The Veggie Beds

The veggie beds are coming along, growing well and looking good. Clockwise from the bottom right: tomatoes, tomatoes, potatoes and squash, pepper-okra-eggplant-corn, dragon tongue beans and melons, and finally cowpeas-squash-one melon from the compost bin-amaranth-corn. The two biggest tomatoes have been producing the most flowers and I’m just hoping that soon I’ll see the beginnings […]


This is normal for this time of year. With the warmer weather kicking in, everything decides to take off. I’ve been cutting chard, spinach, kale, and lettuce every few days or so in amounts like this. My wife makes herself a green drink every morning with everything here. It’s easy to get spoiled with the […]

Potato Planting

Now that our vegetable beds are in (see my post here on my blog) we have room to put things in the ground for the summer. The potatoes should have actually gone in the ground in February or early March at the latest, but here we are in mid-April and I just now got them […]

garden gadgets (etc.) that have caught my eye…

It’s definitely spring! No matter how many seasons I go through in my little garden, I always *forget* how busy autumn and spring can be in a Florida garden. For most of winter, my basic task was watering, and a little planting, and a tiny bit of pruning. This week, that all changed- I went […]

Annual Onion Planting

So last week I received in the mail 7 bunches of onions. Two each of Candy, 1015Y, and Red Creole, and 1 bunch of White Bermuda. I purchased them from Dixondale Farms. I was a first time customer of their’s, so having ordered my transplants before Christmas and receiving them during the week they promised […]

Tomatoes for 2013

It’s funny, my brother and I must be reading each other’s minds. Last weekend I was mentioning to Chris, my husband, that it was that about that time to start our tomato seeds. I then saw that Curtis had already started his over the New Years weekend. So, this last weekend we got ours started. […]

garden goals and resolutions for 2013

As I started thinking about what I wanted to accomplish to try in 2013, I naturally included gardening. Gardening is such a regular part of my life now, and it makes me so happy. In some ways, it’s hard to believe I’ve been plugging away daily at my “little” garden (which now takes up about […]

best laid plans…

On Friday I ordered a bunch of seeds from Renee’s Garden (the last day of their big seed sale!) and I was anticipating that they would have arrived earlier this week and I could do a post about planting them/garden planning for the next few weeks, but despite my stalking the mailbox, my seeds are […]