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repotting mania, and a new hibiscus

On Saturday we stopped at Home Depot so I could get some containers/planters, and I spotted a strange looking hibiscus… which I had to buy. *sigh* Oh well, plants are usually cheaper than shoes and/or handbags, so at least I can say that. It’s a HibisKiss “Hugs N Kisses” and it just grabbed my attention. […]

September! Finally!

I’m excited because the calendar says it’s September, even though the weather doesn’t. Just a few more weeks… This week I actually did a lot of gardening. I didn’t think there was much to do but when I REALLY looked around I saw plenty of little things that I wanted to take care of. I […]

out front

For the most part, I garden in the back yard. But out front there’s a tiny patch I’ve been working on, as well.  I thought I might offer some photos that Tom took for me yesterday morning of that little space. The garden isn’t much- it’s a little patch of landscaping that sits directly in […]

whatever (aka grumpy gardener)

  This week I’m really cranky, especially in the garden. It’s super hot and humid out, and every afternoon we get a fairly heavy storm which leaves the plants battered and soaking wet. Then the aphids come and stick to the damp leaves/petals of the plants. And then they need to be misted off, which […]

A Week in the Life of a Container Gardener – mid-August

(the lanai- a quick iPhone shot from one end) Friday, August 9th: I didn’t have time for anything but a quick walk-through to make sure everything was okay. Saturday, August 10th: Gracie and I gardened together, which is always sort of *interesting* because her idea of gardening is squirting things with the mister, hosing everything […]

petunias (finally!)

After a few months of waiting, some of my petunias bloomed this week! I am really surprised at how big and frilly they are. besides the petunias, nothing much is blooming (besides the hibiscus) and so it was a beautiful little surprise to walk out the back door and see the flowers on the plant. […]

re-organizing the garden, spreading succulents, abandoned plants, and more…

I decided this week I have had just about enough of being a “passive summer gardener”- sitting by and just LOOKING at my plants and flowers as they survived the summer. So what I did was re-organized the garden. One of the benefits of being a container gardener is that whenever the whim strikes, I […]

the defeats (and triumphs) of a container garden

So, it looks like one of my plumeria bit the dust- every time I trimmed it and let it out to dry out, it rotted some more. Now I have about one inch left of the cutting, but I still feel SUPER bummed about it. I’m also bummed about the way my geraniums are struggling […]

misc. July musings…

The hibiscus that I mentioned last week bloomed and it is a beautiful raspberry color: Now, of course, I want more. In all colors. The problem is that most hibiscus are not dwarf sized, and therefore will outgrow their containers very quickly. One of my favorite hibiscus, the Sprinkle Rain (above), is already outgrowing its […]

summer gardening

A few quick snapshots from my garden this week: One of the hibiscus I got for Christmas finally bloomed and it’s a lovely double bloom in a blue/lavender color. I love the cream colored stamen- so cool! And the very center of the flower is a rich red plum color. If I get a bloom […]

mini summer garden tour and a little bit of a backstory

So here are more “pool-eye view” photos of my garden. Well, maybe I should explain the whole “pool-eye view” thing… I live on a tiny island off the coast of Southwest Florida. Because most of the residential lots of land on this island are right on the water (canals, bays, or the Gulf of Mexico) almost […]

a week in the life of a container gardener – mid June, 2013

Saturday, June 8th, 2013: The sun came out! Tropical Storm Andrea took her time blowing through Southwest Florida, and we got a week of straight rain and storms. On Saturday morning, there was blue skies and sunshine, so I took advantage of the good weather and spent a lot of time in the garden. I […]

rainy week & disney butterflies

It’s been raining *all* week. (And I’m not being dramatic.) There wasn’t anything to do in the garden besides walk around and hope that the new plumeria cuttings (which were supposed to dry out completely after being planted!) can pull through this soggy, dreary weather. Some of the plants seem to enjoy the rain, but […]

passiflora and plumeria!

First of all: look what bloomed this week- mystery passiflora #4. It’s HUGE- the buds were the size of really huge plum tomatoes/lemons and the blooms are about 6″ round. They are crazy cool, in a “is that a *REAL* plant and did I really grow that?!” kind of way. Even Tom was impressed. And […]

passiflora and seed order

You might remember that last year I got a little obsessed with passiflora, and wound up getting ordering four different varieties of them from Hirt’s. All four of the plants took off as soon as I repotted them, and grew like crazy. However, only two of them bloomed. One of them (I believe it’s a […]

thinking ahead: summer gardening in zone 10

Every year my garden sort of tells me when it’s time to start thinking seriously/planting for the summer: the Alyssum begins to wither. And it started to happen this week, which surprised me. How is it already the middle of May? Spring seems like such a blur. And the weather has been weird, too. Just […]

air plant surprise!

A few years ago, Tom got me a pair of airplants for Mother’s Day. I think they are super cool even though they are the least interactive and demanding plants I have ever cared for. I knew air plants bloomed, but I figured that the ones we had were maybe post-bloom or something. I basically […]

hello, spring

Today If ever there were a spring day so perfect, so uplifted by a warm intermittent breeze that it made you want to throw open all the windows in the house and unlatch the door to the canary’s cage, indeed, rip the little door from its jamb, a day when the cool brick paths and […]

a few photos from the garden…

Tom downloaded images off his camera today and there were a bunch of the garden, so I thought I would share some of them: For Christmas, Tom got me a peony plant- it was basically a root sticking out of a tiny pot of soil. So I transplanted it, put it in the sun, and […]

new growth

One of my absolute favorite things in the garden is when I spot new growth. It can be anything- seeds starting to sprout, new buds forming on exiting plants, a little spot of green on a branch, a tiny fruit starting to form. This is a pot of “sprouts” that I found growing in the […]