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Winter Wonder

Even though I haven’t been in the garden much at all this week (dreary weather, HUGE amount of rain, health issue), it continues to surprise me. On Saturday night, Tom was outside covering the pool when he smelled something very strong and sweet. He came in to tell me about it and I tried to […]

guess what?

Guess what?! My second Passiflora (I have four, total) started to bloom this week! I wasn’t expecting it at al, to be honest- it started forming buds a while back but they are much smaller than my other in-bloom Passiflora, so I figured that I had a while left until I would see any flowers. […]

little things make a big difference

First happy surprise: after whining about the weather, I went out back and found this beautiful blossom on one of my dwarf hibiscus plants. It’s bloomed before (it’s not prolific, but it comes and goes) but never in these particular colors- it’s always been more of an all-over peachy yellow. I’m not sure if it’s […]

Taste of the Southwest

We went on vacation last week to one of my favorite states to visit. New Mexico. Not because I worked three summers in the Sangre de Cristo mountains in the northwestern part of the state and have a bond with it. The state is different. Of all the states I have visited, it is the […]

Field Trip: Naples Botanical Garden

Because there’s no much going on in the garden this week (lots of rain, me conserving health…) I thought I might dig into my archives and share some photos from the Naples Botanical Garden. We’re lucky enough to live just half an hour away from this beautiful spot. It’s sort of a hidden gem around […]

The days, they only get shorter.

I spent much of this evening outside watching Zoe ride around in her “shiny new car,” (its like a year and half old and she still calls it new) and conversing with the neighbors. With it being the longest day of the year, we took full advantage of the sun. We traded stories of summer […]

Wordless Wednesday

Blossoms in the Garden

I think it was back in late February or early March when I decided I wanted to add some flowers to the garden. There wasn’t a lot going on in the side beds and so I bought a bunch of cheap seed packets at the dollar store and went to town. Some things sprouted, other […]


We’ve been on vacation all week at Disney World in Florida. I meant to write a full post while on vacation, but internet in most hotels is spotty, and time outside of the parks is rare. This was no exception! But I HAVE been taking all sorts of photos of the beautiful greenery. In fact, […]

magic hydrangeas (and aluminum sulfate)

So, remember this? That hydrangea started out as blue/perwinkle when I got it for Valentine’s Day, 2011. It grew and grew, and then almost died from fungus, had to be cut all the way back (I’m talking one tiny leaf sticking out of the soil), grew *back*, and finally flowered. However, the blossoms were pink. […]


Chamomile. Angel’s Trumpet. Part of the Datura genus. Blackberry flower Yarrow. Kennebec potato. Arugala. Eruca sativa. Anaheim pepper

mid-April “state of the garden” address

I wrote a big post here and WordPress ate it (*grumble*) so instead of chucking the computer out the window I am doing a photo post. Click on any of the pictures for larger images. summary of what I wrote about: – It’s mid-April, which means it’s pretty much summer here in Southwest Florida. We […]

“things I had no words for…”

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” – Georgia O’Keeffe Color in my container garden on a sunny day, March 21st, 2012. (All photos taken with my iPhone, using the Hipstamatic app.)

The Hidden Rainbow

It’s still pretty early in the spring season here in Fort Worth and you wouldn’t notice much color at first glance walking up to my house, but if you did a double take you’ll see all the hidden treasures that await you. There is some dianthus still growing from this past winter. Borage. One of […]

The Chroma of the Garden

It has taken awhile, but finally spring flowers have started poking out and blooming in our garden. The only problem is that there just aren’t enough blooms, so a few weekends ago I started more seeds on the side flower beds. In a month or two hopefully there will be a profusion of blooms for […]