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Renee: A Relaxed Approach To Gardening In North Carolina | 2013 Summer Garden Tour

Thanks for joining us this summer on our garden tour! This week will be our last week showcasing gardeners and gardens here on the Sprout Dispatch and we’ll close out the tour with Renee’s garden in North Carolina. I’ve been following her blog for many years now and have seen her garden and family grow. […]

Matt: Blooming In The Brazos Valley | 2013 Summer Garden Tour

This week we’re returning to Texas, not far from where I (Misti) live. Matt is sharing his abundant blooms, which are a mix of natives interspersed with non-native botanical beauties. I know Matt from college where we attended Texas A&M at Galveston. He’s gone beyond the undergraduate realm and off into PhD territory now. His […]

Katie: Gardening Year Round in California | 2013 Summer Garden Tour

This rounds off our first month of summer garden tours! If you haven’t checked out the other tours be sure to! This week we have Katie from California. I can’t remember for sure where I ran into Katie but I believe it was on Twitter during a gardening chat. Her current blog is a new […]

Jolene: Establishing a Garden in Upstate New York | 2013 Summer Garden Tour

Welcome to our third week of the Summer Garden tour! This week I interviewed Jolene, who happens to be friends with Elizabeth, last week’s interviewee, in real life. Jolene is sharing a great video tour of her garden at the end of the post—be sure to check it out. She braved the rain to shoot […]

Elizabeth: Growing A Small Harvest In Oklahoma | 2013 Summer Garden Tour

Today’s garden tour is coming from Oklahoma, where my cousin Elizabeth gardens. Let’s see what she has to say about gardening on the Great Plains! +Where do you garden and what is your climate like? I garden in central Oklahoma, in the USDA Zone 7a. The climate is classified as humid subtropical and our growing […]

Christine: Adjusting To A New Zone | 2013 Summer Garden Tour

Christine is the first in a series of summer garden tours here on Sprout Dispatch! Please comment, share, and enjoy! +Where do you garden and what is your climate like? I moved to southwestern Pennsylvania about a year ago. Coming from South Florida, the weather here has been a big change! It does get very […]