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Our first freeze of the season is coming tonight. 29/30* depending on where and when you look at the predictions. Last night the front roared through sometime around 9:30pm. Just an hour or so earlier I had padded outside to put some food scraps into the compost bin and the air was balmy and warm. We’d waited all day for the rain to come only to finally have everything roll in late in the evening. I opened our balcony door before bed and the air temperature was at least 20* cooler. Brrr!

So far this season I’ve only covered up a few things outside when it was going to get around 38* but this time with an actual freeze we brought tender tropicals inside and covered up a few more items than normal. Tomorrow will be a few degrees warmer and then finally we’ll warm back up to something more moderate later in the week.

My brother might want a winter rest but this is the best time of the year to me.

We’ll see how things survive tomorrow morning.

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  1. Donna wrote:

    Your mom wants a winter rest.

    Posted 29 Dec 2012 at 1:41 pm

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