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Bulbs. I love bulbs! Back in late summer I bought several bags of bulbs and roots on clearance at the big box store that starts in W and ends in T…I really couldn’t resist. I finally started putting them in the ground last weekend. Most of the iris are hand-me-downs from my mom or Chris’ mom. The black gamecock is actually a plant that we bought her several years ago and the main plant has spread so much that it was time to be divided and shared so we brought some home a few weekends ago.

I’m kind of nervous about the root clumps and their viability. Has anyone tried growing something from a clump of roots like this?

Hopefully this spring my follow-up post will be some spectacular blooms!

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  1. chel wrote:

    I love bulbs (and large seeds, too.) Really love them. Although when they don’t go it frustrates me a lot, more so than with seeds.

    I have learned that basically, if it’s not a bulb or tuber, and it doesn’t have green for photosynthesis, it won’t go. When i first started gardening and plants would die, I would dry out and replant a lot of different root systems just for the heck of it, and most didn’t make it. But sometimes you get a surprise!

    Posted 29 Oct 2012 at 8:38 am

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