Breaking Up is Hard to Do…

So this week I made a sort of agonizing decision for my garden…

I decided to get rid of my hibiscus plants. (Well… not “get rid of”, but relocate to the general landscape around our house, as opposed to being inside in my garden on the lanai…)

This was, like I said, agonizing. I have been collecting Hibiscus and growing them in pots/planters for years. They are probably one of my favorite plants. I have gotten some amazing varieties, and when they bloom, it’s like nothing else. They make me so happy when they are in bloom.

The issue is: pest control. In the past few years, I have really started to avoid all types of pest control *on* the lanai besides misting with the hose (which works exceptionally well if you have a forceful mister), pruning, and some light applications of soap. I have a LOT of tiny lizards living inside the garden now- inside the lanai- and this year I’ve had a BUNCH of little tiny baby lizards hatch and join the “team”. They do a lot of the pest control for me. And because I enjoy them so much, and they do such a great job, I don’t want to use anything that might irritate or hurt them.

The hibiscus are HORRIBLE when it comes to pest infestation. They are constantly covered in aphids, mealybugs (the worst), and everything else… and nothing I do- including stronger pest control methods- really makes a dent in them. It takes hours and hours of work every month to keep them alive, much less pest free.

We have a few hibiscus in our general landscape outside the lanai, including a few I transplanted, and they do great. I think when they are allowed to grow larger, little infestations aren’t a big deal. But when they are in a planter, and have to be kept under 2-3 feet, a little bit of infestation is a very big deal.I’m just tired of wasting so much time on it.

So this week I removed my hibiscus from their planters and Tom transplanted them the landscape out back, near the sea wall. I kept one hibiscus in a small pot, cut all the way back, and will see how it does now that it’s starting from root.

Now I have four large empty planters and a large chunk of patio garden space, so after doing a bit of research, I ordered the following from Emerald Goddess Gardens (photos courtesy Emerald Goddess Gardens):

Malaysian Orchid

Malaysian Orchid

Terrestrial Orchid

Terrestrial Orchid

Marmalade Bush

Marmalade Bush

Yellow Mandavilla

Yellow Mandevilla

These are all new to me, except for the Mandevilla, which I started growing earlier this spring/summer. They are supposed to be hearty plants that also do well as petite bushes in planters. I found them on a “patio/lanai suggestions” list. The plants arrived yesterday, and I’m excited to plant them and see how they do.

So, hopefully the hibiscus will do well in their new homes outside my lanai garden, and the new plants will flourish on the inside.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Misti wrote:

    That marmalade bush looks super cool!

    Bummer on the hibiscus. I wish we could grow them—we can—the deer just like to eat them.

    Posted 18 Jul 2015 at 11:00 am

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