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I usually plop down on the couch with my phone or tablet in the evenings and hash out a blog post. I couldn’t remember the last time I sat in front of my laptop. The battery is toast, so it stays plugged in and the seat we have isn’t really that comfortable. Luckily this evening I was sidetracked and logged into twitter and became engrossed with #seedchat for a bit. I had never participated or even read through all the tweets. I’ve seen a few tweets from Misti come through with the hashtag but never really payed attention to it. If you are on twitter you should check it out sometime.

It actually gave me a few ideas for the future and some new places to purchase seeds from. Speaking of seeds. That flat of tomato and pepper seeds I started after Christmas? Not so much. I had a 20% germination on the tomatoes and a bit more than that on the peppers. I replanted a few of the tomato seeds with a few different varieties. If this doesn’t work I’m throwing the towel in on my winter seed starting adventures. Phooey.

The weather here has been horrible the past few weeks. Wetter and colder than normal around here. I mean 19 degrees cold. It must have been THAT year I guess. With the colder than normal weather means scary looking things in the garden. Kale leaves with frostbit ends. Cilantro leaves drooping lower and lower. I left my lemon tree outside last week on accident and poof. Gone. The orange tree was sitting next to it and somehow survived. It dropped a fair amount of leaves in the process but she’s holding on for now. She gave me three delicious fruit this fall and I want more.

The plant stores around here are getting ready for the spring planting season. I spotted seed potatoes and onion transplants at three different stores today. One was already sold out of the 1015Y onions with a sign they would get more in by the weekend. A popular choice here in Texas. Some seed racks were being cleared out of their 2013 inventory and getting their new 2014 stock. Where does one get access to last years discounted stock? Does it just go back to the supplier and repackaged? Or shipped overseas?

I want 25 acres of land. I found a few tracts in a nearby town a few months back that were selling. Oh the things I would do. Hell, the place up the road from us has 5+/- acres for sale. I’d be just as happy with that. I drive by it two times a week and picture great things happening on it. Can you imagine? A berry grove. Twenty five to 30 hens with a large walk-in coop. A few pig pens. I’m drooling right now. There is already 3 established pecan trees up the hill. You could add an almond and walnut to it. They currently have a few horses keeping the pasture trimmed and fertilized.

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  1. Misti wrote:

    Well, if you can convince Stephanie to move out into the country….

    Posted 09 Jan 2014 at 6:50 pm
  2. Chris wrote:

    Movin’ to the country….gonna eat me a bunch a peaches!

    Posted 09 Jan 2014 at 10:07 pm
  3. Donna wrote:

    Need a horse or two to go with those pigs.

    Posted 15 Jan 2014 at 3:25 pm

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