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On Friday I ordered a bunch of seeds from Renee’s Garden (the last day of their big seed sale!) and I was anticipating that they would have arrived earlier this week and I could do a post about planting them/garden planning for the next few weeks, but despite my stalking the mailbox, my seeds are still in transit.

To be honest, it’s probably a good thing that the seeds didn’t arrive because in the last few days I made completely different plans for them than what I started with. Sometimes when I get extra time to plan things out in the garden, better ideas present themselves.

So just a quick update of what I *did* do in the garden this week:

– repotted the large geranium, the smaller hydrangea, the black eyed susan, and several other plants. These were the last of the waterlogged summer plants that needed to be refreshed. It went pretty quickly, and the plants seem to appreciate the dry soil. Of course, it’s been raining today, so I hope they don’t get waterlogged again.

– shifted some things around into planters, etc. to get ready for the new seeds. I have this thing where I try and not buy new pots and planters when I get new seeds. I have a *lot* to begin with, and I also want to keep things manageable, so whenever I am ready to start doing a fairly big planting, I try and get very editorial about what should stay, if things need to be shifted, and if things just need to be put out to pasture. I think I have come up with a fairly good plan.

– despite my vowing not to go crazy with nasturtiums this year, I realized that I REALLY enjoy growing them. So I’m planning on two large planters full (three different nasturtium plants each), as well as some smaller planters and some seeds tucked into the giant planters. I am going into this knowing that they nasturtiums will have several large cycles of blooms and then they just will fade away. So I am not going to spend a lot of time and energy trying to bring back older Nasturtiums to life- I am just going to cut them back and then see what they do. Some come back, some don’t. I also know to trim them regularly.

– I’m planning a second butterfly/hummingbird garden on the other side of the house. I set up a planter for echinacea, and am planning on moving one of the jasmine (which grows like MAD) from the established butterfly garden over. I have a jasmine out there now, as well as a Chinese Lantern. I also want to find a good vine- I like Moonflower, but it only blooms at night (DUH to me) and I garden in the morning, so I want something more “morning-y” for the other side of the house.  I also found out the Moonflower is toxic, so I’m not too crazy about that. It’s not enough of a knockout thing for me to want to take that risk. Maybe Morning Glory? Maybe I’ll do a veggie that has a flowering vine. Maybe pumpkin again.

– two plants I have suddenly become obsessed with, but do not have: Plumeria and Lenten Rose. I’m adding them to my Christmas wish list. And a tiny olive plant, too.

– we harvested our first five eggplants of the season – Tom cooked them last night. We ate some of them last night and froze the rest. They are yummy.  Now the tomatoes need to have a growth spurt. I’m back into checking out different veggies to plant.



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  1. Donna wrote:

    I have two different plumeria’s. Pink and Yellow! I have rooted one before and gave to Curtis. I recently made more cuttings and gave to Misti and have 3 more in the back waiting to give to Curtis. I wish I could give you some. I fell in love with them when I went to Hawaii. Then a dear friend of mine that was living in Florida for a while gave me cuttings and they survived the airplane trip home and the winter with me and they are surviving. We have to dig them up every winter and replant in spring. A lot of trouble since they have got very big now. But worth it, at least for now. When they get bigger I may have to do some big cutting back on them.

    Posted 20 Oct 2012 at 2:03 pm

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