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Long time, no blog! Not only have I been away from the blog, I was also sort of away from the garden- for most of May and early June, I was sidelined by illness. I was able to go outside and poke around a bit, but my husband Tom took over the big duties like watering, pruning, and everything else that required more than a few seconds.

About two weeks ago, I started getting out there again, gradually taking back duties associated with the daily upkeep. Now I’m back to doing mostly everything, but Tom is still going to give me a hand with the larger tasks. For a container garden, it’s really huge. Tom installed another hose for me, we’ve got several vines inching their way up to the top of the lanai, and pots and planters pretty much cover all areas of the lanai, with little paths to walk around them.

Anyway, one thing I did do while I was taking some time off was to get obsessed with a new version of Lantanas- they are called “Bandana Lantana”.


I’ve grown Lantana before, but these are bred to be less bushy and more compact, with significantly larger blooms and tons of them. And the colors are insanely beautiful.96.jpg






I got a few to fill in some holes in the garden this spring, and by the time June rolled around, I wound up ordering all the colors in the Bandana Lantana line that were available- peach, cherry, cherry sunrise, lemon zest, pink, and rose. I missed out on the red and white ones, but as soon as they are available, I’ll be getting those, too.


I’ve never “collected” a plant before, but these Lantana are so beautiful and seem to do extraordinarily well at anything the Florida weather throws at them. They do “shed”, which is pretty typical of Lantana, but compared to the way my petunias shed, it’s really no big deal.



In the “other things i took pictures of the other day” category, there is this beautiful Teddy Bear Sunflower that grew without any petals (*sigh* leaf and structure wise, it’s the most perfect sunflower I have ever grown. It just doesn’t have any petals!)


And my good buddy, the Bowl O’ Coleus. We have a few of these going, but this one is the youngest, and therefore the prettiest to look at. Once they get tall, even if I am SUPER proactive on pinching off anything that resembles a bloom, they get tall and spindly. I love them when they are fluffy and leafy.



Other than plants, there are tons of tiny, tiny little baby lizards all over the lanai. They are seriously cute, but very timid, The older ones are so used to Tom and Chester (the one cat who gets to go on the lanai, who has no interest in lizards) and I, that we can pretty much come within an inch of them, and they won’t move. The babies still have to learn that we’re okay.

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  1. Misti wrote:

    Love the tour and glad you are feeling better!

    Posted 12 Jul 2015 at 10:14 pm

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