autumn seed order

I have been asking Tom to help me pick out some fruits and veggies for the garden, and yesterday morning we sat down for a few minutes and decided on a few different things and placed an order with Park Seed. I used to order seeds and purchase plants pretty regularly, but now that my garden is more about established plants, I do it less often. So it felt a little like Christmas to pick out a few things and place the order. (all photos from Park Seed).

Here’s what we got:



– Peppers: Petite Color Blend Hybrid and Cajun Belle Hybrid. Aren’t they beautiful?


– Blueberry (!!):¬†Vaccinium Corymbosum Sunshine Blue, which is supposed to be great for both southern climates and containers. We’ll see how it goes!


– Cauliflower: Veronica. I wanted this for a long time because of the way it looks- I think it would be great fun to draw and look at. I was under the impression it was purely ornamental but Park says you can eat it. We’ll see!

– Spinach: Space Hybrid.


and a few flower seeds (of course):

dolcissma flambe.jpg

РPetunias: Horizon Yellow, Aladdin Nautical Mix, Dolcissima Flambe. Had great luck with these this summer and wanted to try them again.


– Hibiscus: “Disco Bell Pink”. I didn’t think you could grow a hibiscus from seed, but apparently there are some kinds of Hibiscus that do great from seed. I had to try!


– Canna: Our Canna is amazing, so I thought I’d try two more- one an orange-y yellow, and one white.

– Geranium: I don’t have orange ones, so I thought I’d get some Orange Appeal seeds to try out.

Yay! Excited for new seeds, many of which are new plants for me. And the Blueberry bush, as well!

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