autumn autumn autumn!


I think autumn is here in Southwest Florida. We’ve had the doors and windows open every morning this past week, I have had to water my plants almost daily, and I’ve had to prune them constantly. I’m overjoyed!

However, I’m still holding my breath a few more weeks, because when Hurricane Wilma hit, it was October 31st (or thereabouts) so some rainy weather may still be lurking.

I haven’t had time to think about gardening this week, just enough time to get out there and *do* it.  I’m in the third week of a five week intensive painting class, so all my time has been spent in my art studio. But I’m getting so much inspiration from the shapes and textures and colors in the garden! (And it’s REALLY lovely to spend mornings out there, puttering. The weather is so COMFORTABLE. Ahhhhh! Bliss!)

In the meantime, I snapped some photos from the garden as it comes back to life:








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  1. MISTI wrote:

    I remember after Wilma—it felt *SO* good after…..even with five days without power, at least the air temp wasn’t bad.

    Looking good!

    Posted 18 Oct 2013 at 5:16 pm

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