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little surprises

Just when I think the garden can’t surprise me, just when I’m sure that I’m aware of EVERY inch of everything happening with every single plant out there, there was a big, sunny rose peeking out from behind the pentas on the side of the house this morning. I had no idea the rose was even […]

rambling about edibles…

If you’ve been reading Sprout for a while, you probably know that my garden is really centered around flowers. I actually started the garden with every intention of  it being a vegetable garden, but after the first few harvests, I realized that a container garden is not the best place for growing certain foods. For […]

musings on an established container garden…

One *not* so good thing about having an “established” container garden (meaning a garden of mature/established plants primarily in containers) is that there comes a time when there’s not so much novelty. On one hand, I LOVE my garden as it is. I know every plant in it (there are over 100+ at this point) […]

In Bloom

We had another big storm this week, but luckily nothing got damaged. Some of the plants got knocked around a bit, but nothing overwhelming. A few things bloomed this week: The yellow canna seed I planted late last summer, (or at least I *think* it was late last summer). I was surprised to see how […]

early April in the garden

Just a few photos from around the garden with my new iPhone. It has a completely updated camera on it with all sorts of light sensors and such… I know it’s still just a phone camera, but I think it did a lot better taking photos in BRIGHT sunlight than my other phone did. The […]


I’m no orchid expert, but I have a little collection of them and three of them recently began to bloom at the same time. I usually leave them outside in the garden, but when they bloom, we bring them in so we can really enjoy them. My husband, Tom, was lovely enough to snap some […]

an atypical week (not in the garden)

I tried to get a post together for yesterday but it didn’t happen. Several reasons: our little cat, Milo, was in the animal hospital for a few days last weekend so that threw our week into a little bit of confusion, I accidentally put my iPhone (which is also my camera) into the washing machine […]

Instagrams from the garden

Instagrams from the garden this week. For those not in the know, Instagram is an iPhone application that adds nostalgia-esque filters to photos. I am sort of addicted to it simply because it makes photos look more like I *see* them. Does that make sense? This is inside the house, but it is an orchid […]

as the garden turns…

We had a crazy, out-of-nowhere, summer-variety storm hit us on Thursday. It was good on one hand because it meant the plants got extra water, but it reminded me that spring is going to evolve into summer fairly soon and I need to enjoy this cooler weather before it turns into steamy brutal heat. Before […]

pruning, fertilizing, and plumeria weirdness

This week was all about PRUNING. My gosh, I forgot how much plants will grow in the spring months in Florida. Every day I had big piles of clipped leaves and branches and spent flowers all over the place. Oh, and I fertilized today. Big job, which I kinda hate. But then I am so […]

mid-February snapshots

Some iPhone snapshots of the garden, taken February 20th, 2014. Petunias, Ivy, and Plumeria cuttings on the edge of the pool. A view of the garden looking down the pool. A “mini-garden” area set up by the edge of the pool close to the house. We keep the pool cover (dark blue sheeting) on the […]


I was VERY excited that I was finally able to snap photos (crummy iPhone photos, but photos none-the-less) of the lizards in the garden this week. Remember that my garden is *inside* a screened in lanai, so the lizard residence is interesting to me. They can easily leave the lanai at any time through various […]

a week in the life of a container gardener: early February

Saturday, 2/1/14: Our kitty, Ginger (the one who often comes out back with me to “assist” in the gardening (read: lick water off the leaves after I water things…), had an abscess and had to be taken to the emergency vet so any plans of gardening on Saturday were not to come to fruition. Sunday, […]

January. Still.

This week was a total zero in the garden. I watered once (which was unnecessary because it rained shortly after) and that was that. At least the geraniums are still blooming. What is UP with this winter? I was going back and looking at some photos from January in years past and while it wasn’t […]

oh, january…

This (picture above) is pretty much January in the garden. Chilly and rainy. The weather is taking care of all my gardening tasks- since it’s chilly and not very sunny, nothing is growing very fast (no pruning) and since it rains every few days, nothing needs watering. So I basically just go out there and […]

signs of life

Despite my concern that our little cold snaps would prevent any of the seeds I recently planted from sprouting, this morning I was happy to find several tiny seedlings poking their heads above the soil in their pots. I guess the fact that we have had sunshine during the cooler weather helped a little bit. […]

dark and dreary

That is *not* a photo from this week- it’s from November. Beautiful fall. This week was truly winter. I’m in Florida, so I didn’t experience a lot of the super crazy frigid weather that other people did, but we did have our own “cold snap” and several rainy, cloudy, and dark days to go with […]

snapshots from an early spring garden

Hello, again! It’s been a few weeks since I last posted. Because fall, winter, and spring are basically one BIG season (with minor variations in temperature) here in Southwest Florida, I’m still just going about the normal, daily tasks of the garden. The big change for us is light- right now the days are “short”, […]

busy bee

I’m finally settling back into my regular garden routine. It’s odd to me that while the rest of my gardening friends are sort of on a break (whether they want it or not), gardening season is kicking into FULL gear for me. I’m in Southwest Florida so our “good weather” season is when the rest […]

autumn seed order

I have been asking Tom to help me pick out some fruits and veggies for the garden, and yesterday morning we sat down for a few minutes and decided on a few different things and placed an order with Park Seed. I used to order seeds and purchase plants pretty regularly, but now that my […]