as the garden turns…

We had a crazy, out-of-nowhere, summer-variety storm hit us on Thursday. It was good on one hand because it meant the plants got extra water, but it reminded me that spring is going to evolve into summer fairly soon and I need to enjoy this cooler weather before it turns into steamy brutal heat.

Before the skies broke open, I took a few photos of the garden:


That “tree” in the back corner is actually my little tomato plant, the one I was sure was a goner and ready to replace. I guess it rallied, huh? 😉 There are tiny blossoms all over it so hopefully they’ll turn into lots of tomatoes.



Two of my gloxinia getting ready to bloom. This time I kept them strictly in the shade, right at the edge of the back door. They seem to like it back there quite a bit. They aren’t as “stretched” as they usually are (which I thought plants did because they wanted more sun, not less) and the leaves are doing much better.


And finally, THE FIRST NASTURTIUM BLOOM finally showed up! I planted “Aloha Mix” seeds – six of them (as opposed to my usual 50) and so it’s always a little exciting for me when a plant from an assortment of seeds blooms- you just don’t know what color or variety it might be. This one is a lovely deep yellow with a red throat and when i saw it I got REALLY excited because last year I wanted a bright yellow nasturtium and the seeds for that particular color never germinated.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if they all turned out a deep yellow (but hoping that’s NOT the case). Story: two years ago I desperately wanted a red nasturtium. None of them turned out to be red. Then last year, ALL my nasturtiums wound up being red- TONS of them. So if tradition holds, because I wanted a deep yellow nasturtium last year, I’ll be overwhelmed with them this year.

Quite honestly, I would just like a good mix of colors. I’ll keep you posted- five more plants still to bloom!

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  1. Misti wrote:

    Wow, that tomato is huge!

    That storm was pretty nasty! At least it was short.

    Posted 09 Mar 2014 at 5:51 pm

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