around the garden in mid-October


Things are still in “recovery” mode in the garden. This weekend my dad and Tom power washed the whole lanai (huzzah!) and all my plants went from under the roof line back into their designated spaces. Now they just need to grow back. It still looks a little bare bones out there, but I have to remember that it takes a few weeks for things to bounce back from the wet, dark, and scorching summer. This summer was especially difficult, so it might take longer than usual for things to grow back.

One thing I am getting used to is having to water every other day. THAT’s definitely a sign of autumn!

I did lose a hibiscus this week (it had been struggling since mid-summer…) and I discovered some rust fungus on the one plumeria that did grow from the cuttings. I removed all the affected leaves and ordered some fungicide spray (neem oil, I think), so hopefully that will help. The company Tom got the cuttings from very generously replaced the entire set since only one of them made it, but I’m not going to try planting those until I get the rust fungus out of the garden completely.

Here are some photos I snapped from around the garden this week:


Passiflora going CRAZY- that’s all from a single plant. I’m training a different passiflora to wrap around the bottom of the column.


One of the Passiflora from the column…



Petunias are about to go… a few last blooms.

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