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These are some of the things I love about my garden right now (sorry for the super crummy pictures- something is off with my iPhone camera…)


When the weather started cooling off, I cut back the coleus BIG TIME. They are now bouncing back, and some of the smaller ones that were hidden under the large ones are showing themselves. It’s like having all new coleus!


The second Passiflora (I have four now) finally started growing like crazy and tiny little buds have appeared all over the vines. I am so excited to see what this one will look like when it blooms!




These are far by my favorite sunflowers. I love, love, love them. They are Dwarf Teddies. So much beauty in such a compact and sturdy flower. I just planted a whole bunch more.



Dwarf teddy just opening- in a few days it will evolve into the bushy sunflower you see in the photo above this one.


Blurry photo, but unmistakably nasturtium! Twelve seeds have finally sprouted, I’m waiting on seven more to show signs of life…


Tomatoes! Tom’s building a trellis for them.


My new geranium obsession…(and a needly planted pot with bush climber cucumber seeds…)


Bromeliad in bloom, buddha, bonsai, and a few odds and ends.


Alyssum sprouts, plus two phlox sprouts in the front. Orchids in the pots behind this planter.


A lovely surprise- white vinca. I didn’t plant them (I just planted some seeds that fell off my other vinca planter, none of the flowers were white), so I was thrilled when a section of the vinca came up white. Ginger approves, too.


New prayer flags in the breeze and a blue sky and cool breezy days. It’s been a GOOD week for gardening.


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  1. Moosie wrote:

    Everything always looks good!

    Posted 11 Nov 2012 at 8:27 pm

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