April Edibles

The bulk of the edible section of the garden right now are greens of varying varieties. Some of them are even starting to bolt, but hopefully I can get them to hold on a few more weeks. Well, maybe not the spinach. I think I’ll be pulling it this week and freezing the leaves that are still large enough to eat.

The tomatoes, at least some of them, are taking off and even some have flowers. Hopefully they will grow large enough to flower and set fruit before the summer heat sets in. I’m really ready for fresh tomatoes, still warm from the vine, with a bit of salt for a summer treat.


The fava/snap pea area has taken off like crazy in the last month with warm weather. We planted the fava beans back in September as was suggested in the planting book for our area. Several plants died but many made it through winter and came out the other side thriving.

Eating peas straight off the vine works but we also bring them in for tossing into salads or stirfry.


The flowers of the fava beans are unique and interesting, the dark purple contrasting with the white.

Now the waiting is for the fava beans to ripen enough to pick and eat. We’ve never had favas before so it will be a new experience.


Soon we need to start thinking about squash, zucchini, beans, and melons! This spring has gone so quickly, or maybe it feels quick since it seems we had such a late winter?

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  1. chel wrote:

    Those beds look AMAZING! I hope you guys have a perfectly mild summer so you can stretch out spring as long as you need to get everything harvested. Mild summers all around, for everyone!!

    Posted 19 Apr 2014 at 8:40 am

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