Anticipating Fall Vegetable Gardening


Remember the garden looking like this? This was early July. It got much, much worse after that. And this was pretty bad!

Needless to say, summer came upon us and we did not keep up with gardening. A few weekends ago we spent some time getting it all weeded and attempting to get new mulch down on the paths and beds. It looks so much better and now I can actually look forward to fall garden planning.



The peppers and eggplant were among the very minimal survivors that were planted way back in May sometime.

We bought some artichokes and cauliflower to start and need to go through our seeds to see what else we might need to order.





This time next year Forest will be able to ‘help’ in the garden without us worrying about him eating something he shouldn’t. Right now he’s still crawling and is unable to discern between what is food and what is not food, so everything he can get will go in his mouth!

I hope to have a better update on the vegetable garden here in a few weeks when we get it planted out a bit more. Our evenings are starting to be less available to gardening now that the light is almost gone by 7:30 pm. Weekends are getting busy as it is cooling off a bit so we can hike or camp more. Somehow we’ll manage to garden!

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