… all Misti’s fault… (aka my sudden passiflora obsession)

images from Hirt’s Gardens

This is *all* Misti’s fault.

A few weeks ago, she posted about Passiflora on her blog.

I saw the photos and pretty much lost my gardening cool. I HAD to have one of those in my garden. HAD TO. I mean, look at them! Aren’t they gorgeous? Don’t they look like some magical plant from Oz or something? And they are absolutely real, and fairly easy to grow in Florida. I was instantly obsessed.

Within the hour, I ordered one from Hirt’s Gardens (along with some Jasmine). It arrived a few days later, in great shape. I gave it a few days to adjust the traveling-in-a-box thing, then repotted it in a much bigger container. In the last few weeks it has grown from a little plant in the 4″ starter pot it came in into a long, long vine wrapping around one of the support beams/columns out on the lanai. I wrapped some gardening twine around the beam, and every day I adjust the vines ever so slightly around the twine so they will eventually encircle the column. Even though the buds haven’t opened yet, I’m in love.

The other day, I was out back in the little butterfly/hummingbird garden I’ve got going on the side porch and I decided I really didn’t like the Black-Eyed Susan vine that I planted earlier this summer. It has basically taken over the little porch, and was completely rooted out of its container. It didn’t have many blooms, but it grew like crazy, and the more I’d trim it, the crazier it would grow. I mean, why dedicate that space to a plant that I felt like I was at war with? Why not put something there that I LOVED?

So yesterday I decided to cut ALL the vines down (no easy task since it basically wrapped itself around all the railings, banisters, and steps out there), and replace it with Passiflora.

This morning I ordered three more Passiflora from Hirt’s– the one I have is the Becky’s Blue/White, and I went ahead and got the Maypop, Ruby Glow, and Lady Margaret (see photos above).

I’m going to put two out on the little porch (they attract butterflies and hummingbirds, so good fit!) and probably keep one more inside the lanai so I can swoon over it. Tom said he would build a trellis for it, or I can train it to wrap around another of the columns out there. If it grows too much, I’ll move it to the front porch, where it can wrap around the little banister and railings out there. I just want them all over, I think.

Like I said, all Misti’s fault. But there was no way I could resist anything as beautiful as that. Sorry, Black-Eyed Susan Vine. It was fun, but you’re a little too wild and wooly for me.

Yes, I absolutely think I’m obsessed with Passiflora. I’m excited to see where this goes.

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  1. misti wrote:

    I’m glad to have helped along your passiflora obsession! I want to have a couple varieties myself when I get the time to plant them.

    Posted 10 Aug 2012 at 2:50 pm
  2. Amy wrote:

    So much passion for your passiflora! I love it. I grew up with this flowering vine but had no idea that there was such an arrayment of species associated with it (as you beautifully demonstrated!) Speaking of love affairs, way back in my past I thought I was smitten with clematis (when I would only look at bulbs and dream.) Turns out, I’m not, but then I haven’t given it much time to bloom.

    Posted 15 Aug 2012 at 11:03 am

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