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Nun’s Orchid

A month or so ago we ventured out to our local plant nursery since it was spring and we had a renewed interest in our garden once again. We toured the areas under the shade cloth and spotted a pot of nun’s orchid, Phaius tankervilleae. I had wanted some for awhile, especially since we used […]

air plant weirdness

Every so often, my air plant does this: Technically, it’s blooming. And that purple *thing* (there’s actually two of them this time) with the yellow pods and white center-thingee (these are very scientific and technical terms, as you might have guessed)  is the “flower”. It doesn’t open up or anything- it just shoots out and […]

April Garden Tour

orchids, orchids, orchids…

This has been a banner year for my orchids. I now have seven of them- I had four, and in the last few months, Gracie and Tom added three more to the collection. They usually bloom in spring/early summer, but this year every single one of them came into bloom at the same time. It’s […]

Wildflowers in the Right-of-Way

Chris worked hard to seed the front right-of-way strip thicker with bluebonnets this year. The two previous years we had used a wildflower mix from Wildseed Farms but we weren’t getting the bluebonnet results we wanted. So this year Chris bought a pound of bluebonnet seeds and the rewards from that have been great. We […]