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The Great Carrot Harvest of 2015

When Chris planted carrots back in the fall I don’t think he expected that we’d get the harvest we did a week ago. Even just a few days before he harvested them he was lamenting that he thought they weren’t going to yield the amount he envisioned. The morning of his harvesting he came in […]

in Chel’s garden : March, 2015

Because the sun is direct and the weather is warm, the garden is very, very happy. The plants love the direct, hot sun and the ocassional rain. For some reason a good spring shower makes the plants happier than hose water. It’s like they haven’t been watered in 400 years, even though they get a […]

We’re Back! Spring Update from Texas!

Phew, it’s been awhile! Chel and I both needed the break and I’m finally feeling like doing some gardening again. It’s a little overwhelming because I definitely don’t have the time I used to dedicate to the yard so I’m having to just let Chris handle a lot of it…well, most of it. But, I’m […]