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Trying To Enjoy Summer

But it’s hard when you are 35 weeks pregnant, the temps are hitting the high 90s or 100* daily, and the humidity is out of control. Oh, and you have massive cankles and swollen feet that makes standing uncomfortable. And yet there’s a zillion weeds to pull and squash vine borers to battle. At least […]

soggy days…

(If you click the image, you can see it full size. Playing with the panorama setting on my phone a month or so ago…) I was going to go out and snap some photos of the garden on Tuesday, then on Wednesday, then on Thursday, and then on Friday, and then this morning, but it’s […]

Happy Blooms

Tithonia Passiflora ‘incense’ Copper rain lily Clematis texensis Over the last week I pretty much retreated inside every evening, turning my back on the garden somewhat. Of course that’s coming back to bite me in the form of some weeding that needs to be done, but not seeing the garden every day let’s me find […]


When I started gardening a few years ago, it was sort of like a mad scientist’s lab. I pretty much planted anything and everything, despite zone issues, soil and hydration requirements, sun vs. shade, etc. I had no idea what I was doing, so I did whatever I wanted. That first summer was a doozy. Most […]

Summer in the Veg Garden

While the heat and humidity has become oppressive of late, the vegetable garden is hanging in there. Leeks and garlic were pulled recently leaving some open spots for planting watermelon and pumpkins. The tomatoes are also hanging in there, ripening whatever fruit that is left on their vines. It is far too late—and hot—for any […]

summertime blahs

Despite the blue skies in the photo above, the weather here in Southwest Florida has been DREADFUL this week. I always tell people that “summer” is our version of “winter” because it’s a whole lot of extreme temperatures (very hot, as opposed to cold, but some of the plants are just as sensitive to it), dark […]

Tomato Season

Arkansas Traveler and Kellogg’s Breakfast Ground Cherries Blue Beauty Black Plum Black Plum Arkansas Traveler Tomato sauce! It’s been a decent tomato season here, though I still feel like we were behind. My brother had a bountiful harvest and put away jars and jars of tomatoes. So far I put away 3 quarts of blanched […]

gardening and creativity

  After a very slow week in the garden in which I basically spent all my time poking around, yanking mushrooms, repotting plants with drenched soil, and pruning away dead leaves (oh, summer- you can be brutal on the poor plants!) I read this and it reminded me again why I garden: “Gardening is a […]

Good Gardening Reads | Early July Edition

The Smell of Sweet Peas Growing and Harvesting Green Garlic A New Adventure…beekeping! In The Garden…Elizabeth’s Oklahoma garden as it is currently. Belfast Garden Tour #2 The Deeper Politics Of Native Plant Gardens Quicksilver…hydrophobic effects of nasturiums! First Zucchini