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Finally, finally, finally. I’m not going to say we’re not going to have anymore coolish nights dipping into the 40s, but I think we’re done with daytime temps of that for sure. We’ve had a few cooler mornings where you throw on a jacket until 10 or 11 am and then shed the layers, but […]


I’m no orchid expert, but I have a little collection of them and three of them recently began to bloom at the same time. I usually leave them outside in the garden, but when they bloom, we bring them in so we can really enjoy them. My husband, Tom, was lovely enough to snap some […]

Wildflowers & Bulbs

The right-of-way strip out in front of the house is almost in full glory at the moment. Most of the daffodils are done but the hyacinths and the wildflower seed mix is going crazy right now. Next year I think we’ll plant more hyacinths as they have really been spectacular, not only in blooming but […]

an atypical week (not in the garden)

I tried to get a post together for yesterday but it didn’t happen. Several reasons: our little cat, Milo, was in the animal hospital for a few days last weekend so that threw our week into a little bit of confusion, I accidentally put my iPhone (which is also my camera) into the washing machine […]


Its about time we got some warmer weather around here. I think its safe to say that Old Man Winter has retreated to his cabin until September.

Among The Jade Vine

Strongylodon macrobotrys, or more commonly known, jade vine, is one of my favorite plants to visit at Fairchid Tropical Botanic Gardens. We were there briefly two weeks ago on a trip to Florida and we made our way over to the vine trellises first. Unfortunately this vine is probably out of our reach here in […]

Instagrams from the garden

Instagrams from the garden this week. For those not in the know, Instagram is an iPhone application that adds nostalgia-esque filters to photos. I am sort of addicted to it simply because it makes photos look more like I *see* them. Does that make sense? This is inside the house, but it is an orchid […]

as the garden turns…

We had a crazy, out-of-nowhere, summer-variety storm hit us on Thursday. It was good on one hand because it meant the plants got extra water, but it reminded me that spring is going to evolve into summer fairly soon and I need to enjoy this cooler weather before it turns into steamy brutal heat. Before […]

Iris reticulata in bloom

Back in the fall we planted these bulbs in the side-yard addition of the flower garden. This iris is native to parts of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Russia, so definitely not an American native. However, it is still quite a lovely bulb that I’m glad we planted. The flowers stay well below the length of […]