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pruning, fertilizing, and plumeria weirdness

This week was all about PRUNING. My gosh, I forgot how much plants will grow in the spring months in Florida. Every day I had big piles of clipped leaves and branches and spent flowers all over the place. Oh, and I fertilized today. Big job, which I kinda hate. But then I am so […]

Ashleigh’s Rose

Red, warming my soul It won’t be long; spring time Your sweet sweet fragrance

Early Spring Color

It’s pretty amazing what 10 days of warm weather can do in the garden. Plants are blooming, others are waking up from dormancy and sprouting new growth—at least those that survived our deep freeze in January. It’s fantastic to see it all! Everywhere I turn there’s something new to get excited about…a tree blosssoming, seeds […]

mid-February snapshots

Some iPhone snapshots of the garden, taken February 20th, 2014. Petunias, Ivy, and Plumeria cuttings on the edge of the pool. A view of the garden looking down the pool. A “mini-garden” area set up by the edge of the pool close to the house. We keep the pool cover (dark blue sheeting) on the […]

Sprucing up

This past weekend I finally got around to installing a pen for the chickens. In the process I coerced my wife into getting a new coop for the girls. Their old one wasn’t made by a great craftsman and was getting rickety pretty quick. So much so, I was using a 2×4 to prop one […]

The February Garden

Just about a five minute video of what’s going on in the flower garden at the moment. Trying to take advantage of the current warm weather!


I was VERY excited that I was finally able to snap photos (crummy iPhone photos, but photos none-the-less) of the lizards in the garden this week. Remember that my garden is *inside* a screened in lanai, so the lizard residence is interesting to me. They can easily leave the lanai at any time through various […]

Busy weekend ahead

I’m hoping for a very productive Saturday coming up in a few days. I acquired some welded wire fencing from the guy across the street that he had leftover from installing a pen for his chickens. I’m hoping to accomplish the same this weekend. We both have discovered that letting the hens roam the entire […]

Transplanting the Tomatoes

About a month ago Chris started the tomato seeds out in his man-cave. He had bought grow-lights last year and with this wicked winter we’ve been having, it has worked out for the better to keep them inside during January. Last year I just moved them under our porch when a cold front would come […]

a week in the life of a container gardener: early February

Saturday, 2/1/14: Our kitty, Ginger (the one who often comes out back with me to “assist” in the gardening (read: lick water off the leaves after I water things…), had an abscess and had to be taken to the emergency vet so any plans of gardening on Saturday were not to come to fruition. Sunday, […]

Snow Day

Earlier this morning, Fluffy issued a statement: Due to inclement weather, the garden will be closed for the next couple of days.

A Smidgen of Spring

I didn’t get around to writing here yesterday as it was dreary most of the day. Also, I was feeling a little down with the weather and lack of blooming plants around here. Today the sun came out for a bit and warmed up to the 50s which was good enough for me to get […]