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Roses & Quiet

+Roses from my mother-in-law’s garden. +I’m a sucker for roses. Wish the deer weren’t suckers for them too. +Chel and I will be taking a break here for the rest of the year. It’s a little slow in the garden and I’m not feeling the desire to write a bunch here, in this space, at […]

busy bee

I’m finally settling back into my regular garden routine. It’s odd to me that while the rest of my gardening friends are sort of on a break (whether they want it or not), gardening season is kicking into FULL gear for me. I’m in Southwest Florida so our “good weather” season is when the rest […]

Quiet in the Garden

Do I write about more grey days? It feels like that now, just a bunch of grey days to write about. A few days of sunshine followed by a couple of days of dreary rain. It’s par for the course this time of year. Pair that with the return to Standard Time here in the […]

autumn seed order

I have been asking Tom to help me pick out some fruits and veggies for the garden, and yesterday morning we sat down for a few minutes and decided on a few different things and placed an order with Park Seed. I used to order seeds and purchase plants pretty regularly, but now that my […]